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Wed Aug 4 07:42:45 EST 1999

On 4 Aug 1999, Joshua Halpern wrote:

> Arthur Sowers (arthures at wrote:
> : No, you want to reserve some space for your own whining about whining.
> : Frankly, as a tenured prof who doesn't have tow worry for the rest of your
> : life about work or even being polite, I'm not surprized.
> Let me be blunt.
> You lost according to the goals you set for yourself.  

This sentence doesn't make any sense to me and I can recognize no
understanding of any relationship between myself and my surroundings.

> Given your behavior it is hard to have any sympathy 
> for you. 

The first half of this sentence doesn't relate to the last half.

> Your drive to justify your failure by 
> tearing everyone else down is wearisome.  

And, you have your head stuck in the sand. You understand relatively
little, profess to know a lot, and act like you are hot shit ... when at
most you have the presence of only a lukewarm cowpie in the pasture. 

Worst of all, you don't care. And, you don't care because you don't have
to care. Your drive to justify the status quo is a common rationalization
by all of those who would lose something if the status quo were to be
changed. Your prejudice in favor of accepting the present NSF story about
the nice cushy picture for PhD employment ignores its past mistakes.
Science careers are like all other careers: there is a fraction of all who
are in those careers that will be subject to forces beyond their control
and that includes layoffs due to downsizing and mergers, involuntary loss
of contracts and grants, and political backstabs including denials of
tenure based on personality factors instead of merit. 

I have a large reference list of sources in newspapers, journals, books,
and even other websites. Your not pounding on any facts, just the table.

With the more and more of the job market going to positions with less
job security, lower fringe benefits, and part time work, young people
would do well to not only consider what jobs they can get into and what
those jobs will be like, but also how long those jobs will last and how
many months or years there could be between jobs in the future. 

Art Sowers

> josh halpern

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