ADV: Get .05cpm Long Distance 24Hours 7Days A Week & SUPERLOW INTERNATIONAL RATES TOO!

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Sun Jan 3 02:01:18 EST 1999

Our Goal is to "SAVE YOU MONEY" by offering the most cost effective solutions to discount 
communication services that are available to you. We welcome your response.

NO NEED TO SWITCH! APPLY BY PHONE! (Internet Service: Only $14.95 See Details Below)

Residence of Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado get .05cpm Long Distance within your state! 
All other States pay Only 7cpm.
This program feature: 
Please review SAVING SAMPLE when compared to .10cents per minute
Customer spends $100.00 per month in long distance at .10 cent per minute
Customer rate:    .10cpm x 1000 minutes = $100.00/month
Local Dial-up:    .05cpm x 1000 minutes = $50.00/month + $2.95fee 
That is a SAVINGS of $47.00 Dollars or 47% Percent

Sample SUPER LOW International Rates
Australia=.13 Brazil=.42 Canada=.07 China=.55 Colombia=.29 France=.14 Finland=.15 
Germany=.12 Greece=.32 Guam=.32 Hong Kong=.21 India=.67 Isreal=.18 Italy=.17 
Japan=.19 New Zealand=.14 Philippines=.38 Russia=.33 United Kingdom=.07
Get Rates To The Country You Call Most: Toll Free: 1-877-299-LINK (5465)
SAVE MONEY On Long Distance, Get A FREE Phone Bill Analysis And Consultation. If You Spend $40 
Dollars Or More Per Month & We Can't SAVE YOU MONEY, We Will Give You A FREE 1 Hour Prepaid 
Calling Card!!! For A WIN/WIN Offer Call: 1-877-299-LINK (5465)

Need Internet Service? Only $14.95 Includes *Unlimited Hours *56K *Email Address 5MB Of WEB 
Hosting Space *No Contracts.  Get Connected Today! CALL: 1-877-299-LINK (5465)

Need A Professional Voice Messaging Center For Online Inquiries?
Only $39.95/Month Includes
*Toll Free Number For Customer Response
*Unlimited Messaging Screen & Forwarding
*Unlimited 24 Hour Customer Inquirey  
 PhaseOne Online Promotions
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 North Bay, Ontario PLA-2c6

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