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Jack Morehouse jwmore at SUNLINE.NET
Tue Jun 22 18:49:08 EST 1999

Dear Business Friend,

I'm sending you this message because we have either corresponded in the past, 
or because you have been referred to me as an astute business person.


Put your wallet and your checkbook away, you're not going to need them!! I am 
going to show you how to save a bunch of money. You're not going to have to spend 
a dime! You're not going to have to join some club or organization. I'm not going 
to submit your email address or your URL to a bazillion different places. RELAX!! 
I'm not going to try to get you to do anything except read a simple letter. NO 
CATCHES!! Our site doesn't capture your URL or email information. You're not 
going to be bombarded with useless email messages until your email box is choked 
to death. I know, I know - the internet is full of scams. THIS IS NO SCAM!! I 
hate repeating myself, so, please read this letter and then either act on it 
or don't. The choice is entirely yours.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Jack Morehouse

If this message has reached you in error, please accept my sincere apologies. 
To remove your address from future mailings, you don't have to do anything - 
this is a one time mailing.  I won't email you again unless you request more 
information from my website.

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