Composite Rotor Sells Defective Crap

centrifuge_crap at centrifuge_crap at
Tue Mar 2 14:51:49 EST 1999

To all lab managers/technicians:

Unfortunately, I bought a 4 liter Composite centrifuge rotor
(Mountain View, CA) because of its perceived lightweight.
Well, this was a bad choice for many reasons.

The rotor must be meticulously balanced (much more so than
Beckman or Sorvall rotors) prior to spinning. Even after this
painstaking balancing act, the rotor still wobbles like hell
50% of the time. It has worn out the bearings on a Beckman
centrifuge prematurely and Beckman wouldn't cover the repairs.
Meanwhile, Composite Rotor told us to fly a kite!

The plastic bottles that came with the Composite rotor crack
to pieces without warning. We have lost entire cell cultures
and cleaned up messes too many times to count.

Incredibly, Composite Rotor's sales staff bug us (harassing
is a better word) constantly for new leads as well as the
prospect of selling us another rotor. I DON'T THINK SO!

Stay away from this vendor and if they call --- HANG UP!
They are not leaders in centrifugal technol

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