Composite Rotor Sells Defective Crap

Gerard Tromp tromp at
Tue Mar 2 16:55:50 EST 1999

Someone, hiding behind a mask of anonymity, decided to enlighten us with
a tirade againt Composite rotors:

centrifuge_crap at wrote:
> To all lab managers/technicians:
> Unfortunately, I bought a 4 liter Composite centrifuge rotor
> (Mountain View, CA) because of its perceived lightweight.
> Well, this was a bad choice for many reasons.
[ Snip ]
> Stay away from this vendor and if they call --- HANG UP!
> They are not leaders in centrifugal technol

If you wish your opinion to be given any consideration, don't hide. Have
the courage of your conviction to stand up and be counted! 

Gerard [with no connection to any rotor vendor]
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