Confessions of an Email Marketer!!!

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  "Catapult Your Business To The "Summit Of Success"
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  "Have you ever wanted to use Email Marketing
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 ***Confessions Of An Email Marketer!***

 Dear Friend,

 I started out in marketing several years ago
using all the basics of Internet advertising:
Search Engines, classifieds, newsgroups...etc.

 I had some success in the beginning. But I 
never reached the level of success that everyone
said that Internet advertising would bring.

 I was constantly trying new things in hopes of
discovering something that could generate 
immediate cash flow for my business! 

 "I needed a Breakthrough!"

 Then one day a friend of mine suggested using
something called "Bulk Email" to advertise
my business. He said that it was fast,cheap
and could generate immediate results!

 So to make a long story short I bought
a piece of bulk email software, loaded up
a million email addresses I received free
of charge and blasted out my sales letter!

 I could hear the money rolling in as I
nervously waited by the phone for the orders!

 And you'll never guess how much I made. Are you
ready for this?

 Absolutely nothing......!

 It was a complete bomb!  An utter failure!

 I later discovered what was going wrong.
It wasn't the mailing that didn't work, it
was the method that I was using that failed.

 To shorten the story even more, for 2 years
I became a literal madman in search for the
perfect method of using Direct Email to
generate cash for myself.

 I would constantly try new things, testing
the results. If it made money I kept it. If
it didn't I tossed it. Plain and simple....

 I discovered little known things such as:

 * 12 words when used in any combination
   would increase response by 112%!

 * The 3 things that MUST be in your marketing
   before anyone will buy from you!

 * Where to find truly Targeted email list
   that has generated over a $1000 a day for
   our business! (That's a real figure folks)
 * What products sell best over the Internet
   and what products are a total "Flop"!

 * Why over 80% of MLM'ers fail on the Internet!

 It took 2 years of constant struggle to develop
our proven system of Email Marketing. 

And now it is ready for YOU to use.

"We have become a Direct Email Marketing business!"

We work with serious minded business owners
using our proven marketing system to literally 
"Explode" their cash flow!

 We take your current business,especially home-based
businesses, strategically map out a marketing plan,
then use the power of Direct Email to bring it to
new heights.

 When we work with you, here are a few things that
you'll be enjoying:

 * A headache-free email promotion!

 * We handle all aspects of the mailing. Including
   targeting, delivery and confirmation!

 * Access to our staff of marketing professionals
   that are eager to assist in growing your business!

 * Total protection for your ISP & Email account.
   We handle everything.

 * Access to our professionals that specialize in
   Network Marketing for the mlm'ers out there!

 * And much, much more!

  Are you interested in using our services to
seriously promote your business or opportunity,
using a proprietary Email Marketing System
that took over 2 years to develop?

 If you can answer an eager "YES" to that question,
pick up the phone and call our offices Mon-Fri
9am-5pm at


 We look forward to working with you.
 See "You" at the top........................

 Craig H. 
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