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Wed Mar 3 16:19:40 EST 1999

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Stop Smoking in 7 Days!!

All-Natural, 7-day Stop Smoking Support System

Natural Herbal Formula Safely and Simply Eliminates Nicotine
Craving Without the Withdrawl Symptoms Usually Associated
with Quitting Smoking.

* Effective for all forms of tobacco use *

* No drugs, all natural herbs *

* Addresses both nicotine withdrawals and weight gain conerns *

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! *

A percentage of each sale Donated To Project Dare!

1-800-242-0363 ext. 1586

How Our 5-Step Program Works

Formula 1 - Works to handle the withdrawals associated with
quitting. Helps with the stresses and anxieties....with a
combination of all natural herbs. Ingredients include: Passion
Flower, a mild and natural sedative for calming the nerves;
Ginseng to help the body withstand stress; Bayberry to
improve circulation and tone tissues; Lemon Grass to aid
blood cleansing and support the immune system.

"I tried the patch, but it didn't work and cost me $200. I tried
acupuncture, paid $45 and when I got out I lit up a cigarette.
With Kick It, by the third day, I had no urge to smoke.!"
A.F., Marco Island, FL

Formula 2 - Is an all-natural purifier used to help remove the
stored toxins associated with smoking. When nicotine is not
being stored in the body, the body will not crave the nicotine
replacement. Ingredients include: Burdock Root, an excellent
blood purifier that soothes pain. Lungwort Powder, an
expectorant, breaks 
up  chest congestion. Dandelion Root is
a natural diuretic and blood purifier. Oregon Grape draws toxins
from the blood.

"I have quit 'Cold Turkey' before and was miserable the whole
time. I can honestly say that with the anti-addiction and
denicotizer capsules, I didn't experience those horrible
withdrawal symtoms. It has been a lifesaver for me!"
S.P.,Portland, OR

Zazen - is nature's form of Prozac and promotes relaxation,
helps to remove "the edge", - that overwhelming feeling of
kicking the cat or yelling at the kids or punching the wall. Or
any other edginess you may associate with quitting.
Ingredients inslude: St. John's Wort, Kava Kava, and
Vitamin B6. 

" longing for side effects to indicate
withdrawal problems... the greatest cure for smoking
ever found!"
P.J.,London,Ont., Canada

Support Mist - works with the immediate associations of
wanting or craving a cigarette or snack. Two to three short
sprays directly into the mouth help to remove the urge for a
cigarette or food. Designed to be carried with  you to use at
any time you experience the desire to smoke or snack.
Decreases these desires with a combination of all natural
herbs including St. John's Wort.

"By the fourth day we were done smoking and felt like a
million bucks!"
M.A., Tulsa, OK

The Audio - This specially produced audio tape promotes a
psychological process that produces physiological results.
Side A is designed for your visualization to decrease your
desire to smoke and reinforce your mental strength and
relaxation. (Not to be played while driving.)
Side B is motivational and can be played while driving. It
will help you stick to your convictions and take control.
Frank Rocco, Ps.D.,R.H., designed and narrates the
presentation. He has 23 years of experience successfully
treating smoking addiction patients.

"We were surprised that we didn't have the jitters,
nervousness, hunger desires, and all the other problems 
we had trying to quit before!"
C.S. & V.S., Dallas,TX

Nicotine is obviously a highly addictive substance.... and
must be treated as such. We all know that to treat a person
who has an alcohol problem, you wouldn't give that
individual shots of liquor daily for 12 weeks to wean them.
The individual is detoxed, the substance is removed through
abstinence, nutritional support, relaxation and motivation.
That's why the other ways to quit smoking, including the
Patch and Gum, have only a 6- 22% success rate.

You don't wean someone off nicotine... you remove the toxic
substances so the individual doesn't have the physical
cravings. You address the psychological aspects of addiction
through relaxation, motivation and nutritional support.

The Kick It Stop Smoking Support System addresses the
physiological, as well as the psychological aspects of nicotine
addiction with its' revolutionary 5-part system.

No one likes to hear these statistics or be lectured... on the
dangers of smoking! Yet the American Cancer Society statistics
show 48 million people will try to quit smoking this year and
over 46 million will fail. More deaths are associated with tobacco
use than AIDS, Alcohol, Murders, Suicides, Illegal Drugs, and
Fires combined... over 400,000 people a year. Secondhand
smoke will cause 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year plus
contribute to over 30,000 cases of asthma in children.

These are not just sad statistics, they are frightening facts. If
you smoke, chances are you will die from lung cancer.

Wouldn't most people quit if it were easy? Well now it is! Our
medical researchers have developed this 7-day  progam that is
all-natural, simple to follow, easy to understand, and best of all
it Works!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Kick It - The only 7-day stop smoking program that safely and
simply eliminates nicotine cravings naturally, without the
typically associated withdrawal symptoms.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q - Will I gain weight?
A - Average weight gain for people who quit is 3-5 lbs. You
don't gain weight just from quitting smoking; you gain weight
by changing your eating habits. You cannot replace a cigarette
with a cookie. Eat healthy. We recommend our Body Design
Weight Loss Management 
Program for those interested in
maintaining their current weight or in losing any weight they
may gain.

Q - Who cannot take this product?
A - Pregnant or lactating women.

Q - What if I have an urge to smoke, snack or chew?
A - Included is the Support Mist. Just simply spray 2-3 sprays
directly into mouth for any urges or cravings. Can be
purchased separately for continued usage.

Q - Will I go back to smoking in 6 months to a year?
A - Only you can answer that question. You've made the
decision to quit forever, haven't you? You are not going to
have the physical cravings for a cigarette but you may have
associations. Cigarettes have been your best friend for many
years. You associate them with the good times as well as the
bad, but without the physical cravings for the nicotine you can 
make conscious decisions not to smoke. WE recommend
continuing on Zazen to promote relaxation and remove any
edginess you might normally have in your life. In fact, this all
natural formula can be a great part of your everyday
nutritional regimen.

Q - What about the damage I may have done to my body over
the years I've smoked...can this be changed?
A - Yes. You may have done a lot of damage, but the majority
of these problems can be reversed. We recommend starting
on Polyflavonol, an antioxidant to help bring your body back
to pre-smoking stage.

Q - Who can I call if I have any questions or concerns?
A - Please contact the person who gave you this information.
Ingredients for Kick-It

Kick It Formula 1 ~ 88 capsules - 7 days.
Pimenenta Racemosa, Passion Flower, Ginseng,
Sarsaparrilla Root, Bayberry Bark, Echinacea Powder,
Lemon Grass, Peppermint Leaf, Cayenne Powder,
Ginger Root, Safflower Seed Powder, Elderberry Extract,
Green Tea Extract, Barley Grass, Piper Longum, Bio Perine,
Nutmeg, Poke Root.

Kick It Formula 2 ~ 44 capsules - 7 days.
Burdock Root, Golden Seal Toot, Lungwort Powder,
Barley Grass, Kelp, Catnip Extract, Cascara Sograda,
Dandelion Root, Hyssop, Oregon Grape, Ginger Root,
Bio Perine.

Kick It Formula 3 ~ Zazen - 30 tablets - 30 days. Vitamin B6,
Kava Kava Extract, Passion Extract, St. John's Wort Extract, 
Herbal blend: Chamomile, Hops, Skullcap, Chinese
Magnolia, Lignum Aloe, Chinese Senega. 
Ayurvedic herbs: Celery, Lotus, Indian Valerian, Serpentina,
Indian Aconite. 
Tibetan herbs: Shilajit,Hoelen, Pinellia, Perilla, Sweetflag,
Gardenia, Nutgrass. 
Other ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, microcystalline
cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, silica,
magnesium stearate, and pharmaceutical glaze.

Kick It Support Mist Formula 4 ~ 2 fl. oz
Deionized Water, Glycerin, Pyruvic Acid, L-Carnitine,
Grapeskin Extract, Avena Setiva, St. John's Wort, Niacin,
Lobillia, Kava Kava, Yohimbie Extract and Natural Flavorings.

Kick It ~ Formula 5 ~ Audio Tape
Designed and narrated by Frank Rocco, Ps.D., RH, who has
successfully treated patients with smoking addiction for over
20 years, as well as counseling Super Bowl and World Series
Side A: Visualization & Relaxation
Side B: Motivation
To Order Kick-it

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! *

Call Now!!! 1-800-242-0363 Ext 1586
And leave Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number and
Best Time To Call.

Someone will contact you shortly.

We accept all major credit cards and checks.
*Allow 10 days for checks to clear the bank.

Call Now!!! 1-800-242-0363 Ext 1586

$179.00 KICK-IT Program
$            S/H in the USA 6.95. ($27.95 Outside the USA)
$______Sales Tax (mutiply your sales tax rate)
$            Total Price

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! *

Call Now!!! 1-800-242-0363 Ext 1586


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