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	I am a french student, and I am currently finishing  an Advanced
Professional Degree in Computer Sciences (Major Microscopic Imaging). and my
course ends with a training period of at least three months (contract from the
start of July until the end of September... but I can stay longer) in a
company. From this course, I acquired:

 	an ability to quickly adapt myself to different programming
 	a precise understanding of computer systems' functions,
software and hardware,
 	a good knowledge of the problems specific to software
(project managing, modeling, database building and managing).

Also, I chose the Microscopy Imaging optional module which allowed me to have
solid abilities regarding the differents systems for image acquisition
(microscopy X-ray, confocal, electronic and optic) and image processing
methods. This computing skills come in addition to a solid biological
background: I have a Master degree Cells Biology and Physiology, giving me
the possibility to analyse objectively biological problems.

	Interested for a long time in image analysis,  I took on a temporary
research fellowship in CNRS (Undergraduate level), regarding image analyses
methods for the study of red blood cells deformation. I am currently working
on the complete conception of a software for analysing image sequences using
an algorithm of optical flow, within the framework of my course. Eventually,
my professional aim is concerned with the conception of computing systems
applied to life sciences (medical applications, structural biochemistry,
biology, pharmacology).

	Aware of your products and activity in this domain, I am able to bring
to you my skills as a trainee and thereby take profit of your experience in
order to achieve my professional aim.

	If you have any opportunity for an internship in this field, please
send me an e-mail (my address is Lchauvet74 at . If you wish to get more
informations about my education, take a look at my resume on my Web site at
this address :



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