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>>>It's important to remember though that the "wetware" actually changes
>>>the topology of the brain. It's more like an analogue than a digital
>>>computer in this respect, it rewires itself all the time.
>>>There isn't the clear distinction between hardware and software that
>>>characterises the digital computer.
>>>And, BTW, I still don't see any reason to believe consciousness is part
>>>of the mind.
>>Which makes consciousness part of what?
>God? Why does it have to be a part of anything, for that matter, why
>can't it be just another part of the universe which "just is", like a
>photon or an electron. Not everything is made of something.

Everything is made of something; if they were made of nothing they wouldn't be
anything.  The puzzle is the relation between conciousness and mind, on your
view.  Why suppose, as you seem to, that consciousness is not mental?  Is
there no "mental"?  Is consciousness yet a third thing, in addition to minds
and bodies?  I mean, the metaphysical problems in this area are in part
taxological, so the denial of a connection between consciousness & mind only
seems to make them worse.

"However far you may travel in this world, you will still occupy 
the same volume of space".  Traditional Ur-Bororo saying.

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