Is a science graduate degree worthless?

Rich Lemert rlemert at
Sun Mar 7 20:58:46 EST 1999

Arthur Sowers wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Rich Lemert wrote:
> >
> >   Are they? Have you maintained your affiliations with the various
> > biology or medical organizations that you presumably were a member
> > of?
> Why should I?
> > Have you kept the NSF and/or NIH current on your address?
> Oh, I'm supposed to send them a card as if they keep track of all of this?
[comments in a similar vein snipped]

  Interesting, then, how the statistics are dishonest because they
don't track all of the underemployed, but that not counting people
who are employed (just not in the profession) is not dishonest.

Rich Lemert

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