Astounding Creation Evidences at Winnipeg Creation Conference!!

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Tue Mar 9 01:44:30 EST 1999

     Did you know that all known ancient petrified trees show ages, from
their annual rings, of  no more than 1700 years?   And that annual rings of
trees living today show ages of no more than 4,000 to 5,000 years?
     Did you know that creationists have studied the rings of the trees at
Specimen Ridge that evolutionists claim represent 27 different fossil
forests and found that the number of annual rings of the trees at all 27
levels are identitical?   And that the explanation for these identical ring
structures fit well with the geology at Spirit Lake at Mt. St. Helens?
     Did you know that it has been well established in leading scientific
journals such as Nature and Science that microscopic halos in granitic rock
indicate that the precambrian rocks of the earth crystallized suddenly and
not slowly as the evolutionists have claimed- without evidence?
     Did you know that these evidences  accord well with a young earth and
with a world-wide flood that are described in the Bible.
      Did you know that their is a wealth of other information that back up
the Bible 100% and that refute the atheistic claims of evolutionists.
     Did you know that you can find out these things and more at the
creation conference that is currently happening in Winnipeg?

Creationist Donald E. Chittick to Speak in Winnipeg in Early March
The lectures to be given are part of a program called Case for Creation
which is sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research, El Cajon,
California. 92021

Dr. Donald Chittick, Physical Chemist and Inventor
He has lectured on the creation/evolution controversy for over three
He is the author of The Controversy: the roots of the creation - evolution

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