Astounding Creation Evidences at Winnipeg Creation Conference!!

yang hu yangh at ****uci***.edu
Tue Mar 9 07:29:12 EST 1999

Casey wrote:

>      Did you know that these evidences  accord well with a young earth and
> with a world-wide flood that are described in the Bible.
>       Did you know that their is a wealth of other information that back up
> the Bible 100% and that refute the atheistic claims of evolutionists.

Do you know the difference between "there" and "their"?

Did you know the the Bible says a raped girl should be married off to her
rapist, a law dictated by "God"? (deu 22:28)

Did you know that the Bible, like The Nazi's, advocate murder for people who
follow other religions? (deu 15)

Did you know that the Bible is SO scientically accurate that it claims locusts
have 4 legs? (Lev 11:22)

Did you know that there is no evidence of a "global flood"?

Did you know that when the supposed flood took place, the Egyptians lived their
lives as if nothing had happended?

Did you know tha the myth of Noah's flood is a rip off of the older Sumerian
myh, that of Gilgamesh?


>  Geoff Casey
> Senior High School Teacher

and you find it worthy to brag about your job title because?

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