Kennewick DNA

M.C.Harrison nospam at
Wed Mar 10 18:21:55 EST 1999

George Black wrote:
> In article <7brvsb$sm1$2 at>, yuku at (Yuri
> >
> >You're too clued out, Doug, sorry... There are other examples of
> >comparable ancient DNA having been extracted successfully. Please get
> >yourself a clue.
> Betcha we don't get any valid references for THAT statement.

Actually, it is true in a sense. While Yuri doesn't understand the
difference between studying human dna, and studying dna in general, it
is quite possible to extract dna from ancient specimens. 

But as we are already pretty sure KM was a human being, the data
gathered might not be of value.

Seems worth doing on the off-chance that something useful would be
learned, but not so important that we'd want to annoy a lot of people
about it.

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