Astounding Creation Evidences at Winnipeg Creation Conference!!

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Thu Mar 11 22:22:35 EST 1999

Did you know that I have studied evolution and don't believe a single word you
have written?

Casey wrote:

>      Did you know that all known ancient petrified trees show ages, from
> their annual rings, of  no more than 1700 years?   And that annual rings of
> trees living today show ages of no more than 4,000 to 5,000 years?
>      Did you know that creationists have studied the rings of the trees at
> Specimen Ridge that evolutionists claim represent 27 different fossil
> forests and found that the number of annual rings of the trees at all 27
> levels are identitical?   And that the explanation for these identical ring
> structures fit well with the geology at Spirit Lake at Mt. St. Helens?
>      Did you know that it has been well established in leading scientific
> journals such as Nature and Science that microscopic halos in granitic rock
> indicate that the precambrian rocks of the earth crystallized suddenly and
> not slowly as the evolutionists have claimed- without evidence?
>      Did you know that these evidences  accord well with a young earth and
> with a world-wide flood that are described in the Bible.
>       Did you know that their is a wealth of other information that back up
> the Bible 100% and that refute the atheistic claims of evolutionists.
>      Did you know that you can find out these things and more at the
> creation conference that is currently happening in Winnipeg?
> Creationist Donald E. Chittick to Speak in Winnipeg in Early March
> The lectures to be given are part of a program called Case for Creation
> which is sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research, El Cajon,
> California. 92021
> Dr. Donald Chittick, Physical Chemist and Inventor
> He has lectured on the creation/evolution controversy for over three
> decades.
> He is the author of The Controversy: the roots of the creation - evolution
> conflict.
> From March 7 through 10 he will speak at:
> Kilcona Park Alliance Church, 1977 Norris (in North Kildonan), Winnipeg, MB
> (Norris Rd. is just east of Lagimodiere Blvd and can be accessed by either
> Knowles Ave  or Springfield Rd. on its southern end)
> Phone: 222-7384
> Day                     Date                     Time
>                Topics
> Sunday              March 7                9:30 am
> Creation and Culture
>                                                         11:00 am
>       Creation and Culture (repeat)
>                                                          6:30 pm
>        Evidence for Creation
> Monday             March 8               7:30  pm                   Genesis
> and Geology
> Tuesday            March 9                7:30 pm                    Puzzle
> of Ancient Man
> Wednesday       March 10              7:30 pm                    Dinosaur
> Puzzle
> What one leading scientist says about evolution and creation:
>      Leading Australian scientist, Dr. Raymond Jones, known for his
> discovery of the microbe, Synergistes jonesii, and who solved the problem
> of Australian cattle getting sick from feeding on the Leucaena shrub has
> said this about evolution:
>            "In my experience, I've never seen that [evolution is the
> backbone of biology and of practical use to scientists].  Many scientists
> might speculate in their papers about how a certain result relates to
> evolution.   But I don't  see that it's the driving force that enables
> breakthroughs, or that it features much in most scientists' daily work.  Is
> having an evolutionary paradigm more enabling of research?  I don't think
> so.  In fact, believing in an almighty all knowing God, rather than chance,
> behind everything could be more of a driving force for your scientific
> work. It gives you confidence that something will be found when you search,
> because behind it all is a mind greater than your own- thinking God's
> thoughts after him" [to quote Johannes Kepler]
> from interview in Creation ex Nihilo (Dec 98 to Feb 99, p 22)
> Other leading researchers such as Raymond V. Damadian (inventor of the MRI)
> and Jules Poirier (design engineer whose work guided the descent of the
> Lunar Lander Module) would I'm sure agree with Dr. Jones.     Sir Isaac
> Newton would also smile approvingly on these remarks, from what we know of
> his thoughts.
> Geoff Casey
> Senior High School Teacher

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