Electronic Stethescope (TURKEY)

Mehmet Cenk Sezgin mehcenk at superonline.com
Fri Mar 12 10:45:33 EST 1999

        To whom it may concern

        I'm currently about to complete my M.S. Degree in Biomedical
Engineering in ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. We're already working on a
project about 'Lung Sounds'. We are facing difficulties while recording
'Lung Sounds' without any noise and in proper conditions(bandwidth &
filtering problems).
         We believe an 'ELECTRONIC STETHESCOPE' would be useful for our
research.Unfortunately this equipment is rarely found in our country.If
anybody can provide information about 'electronic stethescope' or 'ELECTRET
MICROPHONES', I will be glad.
          Information can be about commercial company names or any other
thing about this equipment.
          P.S. This is a scientific research.Any donations about the
equipment will be thankfully regarded.
    Best Regards
    Mehmet Cenk Sezgin
    E-mail: mehcenk at superonline.com & sezginm at students.itu.edu.tr
    Tlf:90-216-374 4579

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