Creationist Chittick in Winnipeg Early March

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Sat Mar 13 14:41:13 EST 1999

On 7 Mar 1999 07:23:41 GMT, "Casey" <casem at> wrote:

>      On the other hand evolutionists assume that the earth is 4.6 billion
>years old when the Bible indicates very clearly that it is young.  Even
>Jesus said that man was created in the beginning.   Creationists believe
>the earth to be young, God tells us it is young, but it is not inconsistent
>to say that the earth had an appearance of age at its beginning [I think it
>is here that evolutionists interpose their assumed billions of years and
>then charge God with deception]

Actualy God didn't tell us anything of the sort. The writer of Genisis
did, and he presumably wasn't there at the time it all happened. I
doubt that the writer had much evidence that his hypothesis is correct
and it probably derives from the creation myth of his tribe. Are we to
predicate our interpretation of scientific studies on the beliefs of
stone age shephards? You consider this reasonable????!! Remember that
there are many peoples around the world who have their own creation
myths. They can't all be right. We have absolutely no idea what God
did or didn't do. Placing words into his/her/it's mouth (as the
writers and subsequent translators of many books in the bible do) is
nothing short of blasphemy.

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