Evolutionists: Take Up the Challenge!! Don't Miss the Last Creation Science Lecture in Winnipeg.

sma sansell at helix.net
Sun Mar 14 04:52:05 EST 1999

On 14 Mar 1999 06:21:09 GMT, "Casey" <casem at pangea.ca> wrote:

>           Where are your facts?   Are you making them up as you go?    If
>you look carefully you will see that for the most part evolutionists lost
>sorely to the scientific cases made by creationists.
>           Would you  like some documentation?
>sma <sansell at helix.net> wrote in article
><36ebc014.3490062 at news.imag.net>...
>> News flash buddy!
>> The debate was held years ago and your side was thrashed.
>> Give it up.

The mechanism by which organisms evolve are observable and the process
by which these mechanisms lead to speciation can be rationalized on a
molecular level. This is undeniable fact. We know that these processes
will lead to speciation in the future, so it is reasonable that they
lead to speciation in the past. The fossil record is consistent with
speciation in the past. Connect the dots. 

As for your comment "where are the facts", refer to my original
comment. Since your side lost it is your responsibility to provide
compelling new evidence that is scientifically sound (Note!!) if you
want to reopen the debate. If you think that your side didn't lose I
think I should point out that I am a scientist (PhD) and I have NEVER
even met another scientist who holds to the creationist view nor have
I ever encountered any papers in the journals I read that support the
creationist hypothesis. Kinda makes you think that they are a little
thin on the ground, doesn't it. Since we are talking about science and
not belief the winning side is the one which commands the respect of
the scientific community, and they clearly think that your side is out
to lunch.

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