Earn Big Profits w/Targeted Biz-opp E-mail lists+ $$$

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Earn Big Profits w/Targeted Biz-opp E-mail lists+ $$$ Making Reports

If this information has been sent by mistake, you have our deepest 
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Dear Fellow Enterprenuer,

We just wanted to make you aware that our newest  list is out as of 3-10-99
5,000,000 biz opp targeted e-mail addresses (less than $ .001 a name), along with
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Are you tired of all of the get rich schemes?  Are you looking for a legitimate
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If you answered YES, to these questions then look no further. 

We are offering you three time and time again proven money makers that will turn big profits with minimal time, read that again, minimal time. We did not say you will make thousands in a week, we did not 
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that we are offering you today, you can make as much as you wish, personally, we've  made around
 $52,000 in the last 9 months. I hope that number sounds more realistic to you guys than the promises of other programs which can say, no selling, no phone calls, no work, lounge on the couch and watch the TV while we do all the work for you and you get paid. We all know that this is not true, no one would do the work for us and pay us the money, however, if you are willing to work a little bit on this program in which you are the supplier, you can make good money.

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 We are offering you over 55,000,000 opportunity seeker e-mail addresses and valuable Moneymaking 
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Mailing lists of opportunity seekers e-mail addresses:
 How many times have you been stuck on the computer for hours looking for
fresh, targeted leads? Or, how many countless hours have you spent sending your
ad to free classified sites without getting desirable results? If you are like
most, you probably spend hundreds of hours a year and don't get the results you
desire. This is what makes what originally looked like a  great, part time money
making opportunity turn into almost a full time job. Many of the work at home
and MLM programs out there count on your failure. Do you think this is crazy???
If so read on.

     The people who run these programs don't think that you will be able to get
people to join the opportunities, so they offer big commission, knowing that
most likely they will just pocket your sign-up fee.  The key to making the big
bucks is finding the right people to introduce to your opportunity. Once you
find the right people, the rest is almost automatic. What we have done for you
is found over 55,000,000 e-mail addresses of opportunity seekers (names that we have
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     As many of you already know targeted, bulk mailing GETS RESULTS FAST. I'm
sure that you may have already looked into purchasing a targeted list, but probably got
shocked by the price. Most companies charge upwards of $1000 for a list that is
half the size of ours, and most of the names on their lists are over a year old.
I actually received a letter that was offering 2500 names for $995.00 and that
was supposedly a sale from the regular cost of $2300.00.  I'm sure that I'm not
the only one that finds that ridiculous. What we have done is taken the names that we 
collected ourselves and made them available starting from as little as $20.00. We currently have
 over 100,000,000 non-duplicated names. Each and every e-mail address on 
our lists is only used once which means that you have absolutely NO DUPLICATE NAMES.  
When we first started offering our mailing lists, we were new at it, and unfortunately it  
had more undeliverable then we wanted.  People involved in work-at-home and MLM 
opportunities are constantly changing there e-mail addresses.  We tried our best to keep up with
the un -deliverables, but it was hard.  So this is what we did today, 3-10-99...we
removed all the undeliverable as of today.  We have also run the lists against
global remove lists consisting of over 28+ million names.  Even in just the past
14 days we have removed 4,500 bad names from the lists.  We want our buyers to
be happy with their decision. 

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