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Join Me On Top! 

I am one of the Top Money Earners in a 9 year Old, 
publicly traded "Technology Company". 

***Unique Patented Revolutionary Technology !!!*** 

This Company has access to a Unique Patented Technology, 
and is affiliated with Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Adobe and 
many others. 

This is a "New Patented Technology"  that will Revolutionize 
the way things are done on the net.  Our company has been 
chosen to market this technology. 

Not About Recruiting or Talking to Your Friends !!! 

Let me first say that this is a Network Marketing Business 
with some key elements missing.  That's right, Key elements 
missing. For instance this is not about you calling your 200 
Best Buddies, and  Recruiting them. It's not about talking to 
everybody you don't know either. 

The Missing Elements ! 
    * There's no Inventory for you to stock in your basement. 
    * If you like to travel on business,  Sorry we don't do that  
    * If you like going to Big Meetings, Sorry we don't have any. 

                          ****What We Do Have !**** 
    * The Opportunity to become part of One of the Fastest Growing 
    * Industries in the World. (It's growth will dwarf the Gold Rush of 
    * the late 1800s and Oil boom of the 40s and 50s). 
    * A Patented Product that is in Huge Demand. 
    * A Proven System that is Virtually guaranteed to 
                 build your downline----Fast. 

    * A Publicly Held Company with a Proven track Record of Success. 
    * Company Leadership with a Proven Track Record of Success after Success. 
    * Earn Stock Options with our company as you build. 
              In House Lead Generating System 

That's right we will supply you with leads, to get you started. 
These are people  who ask for information about our business. 
E-mail your way to success, using our proven mailing system. 

My Promise with the company behind me to 
support you in your rise to Success. 

Act Today!  Join Us In Our Teams Rise to The Top! 


If interested please include the info below in a Email and I'll
 get back to you asap.

 Email address:


 Best time to call:

Click on the mailto below to bring up an Email
Mailto:grhanby at revenue.com?subject=More-Info-cp/3-15


Thank you very much for your time!
Looking forward to getting your e-mail.


George Hanby 

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