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Wed Mar 17 15:26:34 EST 1999

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 19:05:33 +0000, Jon Crowe
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>>What one leading scientist says about evolution and creation:
>>     Leading Australian scientist, Dr. Raymond Jones, known for his
>>discovery of the microbe, Synergistes jonesii, and who solved the problem
>>of Australian cattle getting sick from feeding on the Leucaena shrub has
>>said this about evolution:
>>           "In my experience, I've never seen that [evolution is the
>>backbone of biology and of practical use to scientists].  Many scientists
>>might speculate in their papers about how a certain result relates to
>>evolution.   But I don't  see that it's the driving force that enables
>>breakthroughs, or that it features much in most scientists' daily work.  Is
>>having an evolutionary paradigm more enabling of research?  I don't think
>>so.  In fact, believing in an almighty all knowing God, rather than chance,
>>behind everything could be more of a driving force for your scientific
>>work. It gives you confidence that something will be found when you search,
>>because behind it all is a mind greater than your own- thinking God's
>>thoughts after him" [to quote Johannes Kepler]  
>>from interview in Creation ex Nihilo (Dec 98 to Feb 99, p 22) 

I only see a denial of the importance of evolution and a totally
unfunded apology for religion here. 
It's nice to know I'm more sensible than at least this 'leading'

>>Other leading researchers such as Raymond V. Damadian (inventor of the MRI)
>>and Jules Poirier (design engineer whose work guided the descent of the
>>Lunar Lander Module) would I'm sure agree with Dr. Jones.     Sir Isaac
>>Newton would also smile approvingly on these remarks, from what we know of
>>his thoughts.

Isaac Newton never knew of the evolution theory.
This is ridiculous.
It's just like saying on a debate on particle acceleration:

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