Evolutionists: Take Up the Challenge!! Don't Miss the Last Creation Science Lecture in Winnipeg.

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> >If you are an evolutionist...


> >Geoff Casey
> >Senior High School Teacher
> >
> >
> >
> It's a fucking tragedy if you really are a 'Senior High School Teacher'.
> Pity your students, you know nothing lump of anal fluff. I feel sorry
> for your fellow countrymen; it's people like you who make all of us
> foreigners think non too fondly of Americans.
> -- 
> Jon

Now just a cotton-picking minute!!?!?! I hope you mean "North America" --
check out Casey's e-mail (casem at pangea.ca) -- he's from Canada, not the
US. Not that we yanks don't do enough to tick off the rest of the world,
but Casey is not one we want to claim. 

The last time he dumped this garbage in a science newsgroup, I tried to
reason with him and make him understand science and the fact that
creationism by definition can't be science. But as I'm sure you are aware,
it is difficult to reason with someone who argues backwards from his
conclusions. ("The Bible is infallible, it contains all the conclusions,
therefore evolution must be wrong. How can I selectively pick data to
support my creationist views.")

My advice to everyone -- ignore Casey. He's ignorant of science and will
not listen to any reasonable arguments. 

Just don't make him one of my countrymen. Canada can keep him....

My 2 electrons,


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