Astounding Creation Evidences at Winnipeg Creation Conference!!

Anthony Buckland buckland at
Thu Mar 18 19:33:20 EST 1999

Dave wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Mar 1999 06:02:26 GMT, levin.32 at (Mikhail Levin)
> wrote:
> >>Consider also that the Ancient Chinese have on their pottery symbols
> >>depicting the Ark of Noah and eight people aboard the Ark. ...
> Interesting.
> Can anyone explain the racial divergence of humanity in such a short
> time, let alone the tiny genetic pool of Noah and his family.  I don't
> even want to think about incest and the bibles texts relating to that.
 That's four times the breeding population any other 
 macroscopic land animal got left with.  You can have
 a lot of fun with taking the Flood myth literally,
 such as accomodating two of each species of elephant,
 big cat, hippo, rhinoceros together with their feed
 (presumably the predators went vegetarian briefly)
 and the many less spectacular large animals, all
 those varieties of gazelles and cattle and horses
 and zebras and yaks and llamas and sheep and deer
 and ... on a boat of the specified dimensions.

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