Bible rewards rape (was : Astounding Creation Evidences at Winnipeg Creation Conference!!)

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Sun Mar 21 05:29:14 EST 1999

Michael J. Hurst <mjhurst at> wrote in article
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> Alex Vange wrote:
> >      The verse is about a damsel that is seduced rather than raped. It
> > doesn't actually say this
> That's a clue, Sherlock!
> > but in verse 24 it tells what happens if the
> > damsel doesn't cry out.
> Ahhh, God's rules of righteous rape. How charming.

    Verse 25 shows that the punishment is death. But in that culture
thousands of years ago no man would marry a damsel who was not a virgin so
the damsel would have to be supported somehow.

> > This shows that the culture was different thousands
> > of years ago and the damsel might not object too much.
> And the blacks were happy on the plantations. Have you ever heard the
> "rationalization"?

    They were much better off than they were in Africa. They had to work
but they had the benefits of civilization.

> > It is also clear
> > from the chapter that thousands of years ago men would not marry a
> > that was not a virgin. So verse 29 is saying that if a man robs a
damsel of
> > her virginity he must support her for the rest of her life.
> Lucky girl, eh? If he rapes her, he owns her. God is so wonderful, it's
hard to
> imagine how some people get the impression that the
> tradition hates women.
     In that culture thousands of years a damsel was happy to be married to
any man be be supported by him. And no man would marry a damsel who was not
a virgin. I agree that was a bad situation but it does say in verse 25 that
some rapists are to be put to death, and this you totally ignore. 

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