Astounding Creation Evidences at Winnipeg Creation Conference!!

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> Dave wrote:
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> > >>Consider also that the Ancient Chinese have on their pottery symbols
> > >>depicting the Ark of Noah and eight people aboard the Ark. ...
> > Interesting.
> > Can anyone explain the racial divergence of humanity in such a short
> > time, let alone the tiny genetic pool of Noah and his family.  I don't
> > even want to think about incest and the bibles texts relating to that.
>  That's four times the breeding population any other 
>  macroscopic land animal got left with.  You can have
>  a lot of fun with taking the Flood myth literally,
>  such as accomodating two of each species of elephant,
>  big cat, hippo, rhinoceros together with their feed
>  (presumably the predators went vegetarian briefly)
>  and the many less spectacular large animals, all
>  those varieties of gazelles and cattle and horses
>  and zebras and yaks and llamas and sheep and deer
>  and ... on a boat of the specified dimensions.

Obviously, Noah was a Time Lord and the ark was really his TARDIS.  A
Dimensional Stabilizer, a little time travel, some creative cloning,
and voila!  ...It still doesn't work.

Oh well.

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