Bible rewards rape (was : Astounding Creation Evidences at Winnipeg Creation Conference!!)

Michael J. Hurst mjhurst at
Mon Mar 22 23:52:36 EST 1999

Alex Vange wrote:

<some drivel deleted>

>      In that culture thousands of years a damsel was happy to be married to
> any man be be supported by him.

If you are saying that primitive cultures created barbarous gods and savage
scriptures, I agree. If you are saying that we shouldn't be too hard on these
ancient cultures, gods, or scriptures, I agree. It would be anachronistic to
judge those long-dead peoples and practices by modern standards.

But we've grown some in the last two or three thousand years, and we've become
somewhat better people -- a bit more moral as individuals and even more civil
in our societies. So I fail to see the modern day relevance of such archaic
gods or obscene scriptures. They should be of historical interest only, and
decent people should be at least mildly revolted by our anscestors' notions of
morals and ethics.

<remainder of drivel deleted>


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