still Need help identifying a worm...

S & L nospamcampbell at
Sat Mar 27 04:53:48 EST 1999

Thanks for your replies to my question.

I know you must be very busy but could you spare a minute to look at a
drawing I have made of the worm in question. It's posted at along with a more detailed
description. I have had some different ideas on identification and would
value your opinion given a better description.
Thanks again, Steve Campbell

S & L wrote in message <7dfv6t$5i6$1 at>...
>Hi, can you direct me to someone who may help me identify a worm that I
>found today...
>I have searched for hours to identify a worm that I found today in Richmond
>NSW. It was about 25cm long, 3 or 4 mm diam., caramel coloured with a faint
>brown (longitudinal)stripe, sticky to touch and with a peculiar shaped
>sort of like a hammerhead only rounded across the front instead of flat
>(cream in colour). Somebody told me this was a shovel headed worm and
>someone else told me this was the same worm which is causing problems at
>SCG... I think they're having a go at me!
>I'd like a confirmation on name etc and a pic if possible, any help at all
>would be great as I'd like to learn more about it. Even directions to a
>identification site would be good?
>I let the worm go on it's way and :. can't provide any more in the way of
>own pics etc.
>Please help. Thanks, Steve. PS Pls post to campbell at

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