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1]  Summer Volunteer Projects & Internships - GHANA

     -  Prof. Rogers' AASP Educational Travel Programs
             to Africa, Cuba & Brazil

2]  Huge Turn Out For PANAFEST Expected In Ghana; article 

     -  Travel to Ghana with the GhaCLAD Education Mission delegation
             this summer

3]  2nd Int'l Conference: Ghana Computer Literacy & Distance Education

4]  Program Coordinator, Africa Region/AFSC (Friends), Phila, PA

5]  LEADS / TIPS - volunteering, jobs & education

     -  Help save a life for the price of a stamp; help a HR victim;
              please send a msg of good will, of encouragement


7]  New Free Service: volunteer work, internships, jobs



Summer Volunteer Projects - GHANA, West Africa - community
          development, environmental & youth work.  

          Projects revolve around themes of self-help, sustainable 
          development and self-empowerment.

          Arrange with your campus to receive academic credit.

Read details at:

In the interest of time -- APPLY ONLINE at: <-Offline App <-Online App

If you do not have Web access, E-mail to:  

          VOLU-Application at

Join the VOLU List: receive updates & stay in communication with
          VOLU staff & participants

          Send a blank E-mail msg (or any msg) to:

          VOLU-SUBscribe at

             Reply to the CONFIRM Request when it arrives
             and you will be added


20 Projects, from 1 to 3 weeks; many partake in 2 or more


     Applications now being accepted

     Organization: Voluntary Workcamps Assoc. of GHANA, W. Africa

     [referred to simply as "VOLU" - rhymes with "tofu"]

     Since the mid-50's, VOLU has played the leading role
     in youth training and community development in one of Africa's
     most progressive new nations, known as the Gold Coast before

     Projects are located in villages, rural areas, and
     urban centers -- participants will have an oppty to explore 
     traditional family and community life, and will be immersed 
     in the rich culture, music, crafts and art of their surroundings,
     while carrying out the meaningful work of the project.


For a personal account of the VOLU experience & for a list of
     VOLU projects and project descriptions/locations, please go to:


     A discount rate is being worked out with Ghana Airways (around 
     $900) for those attending VOLU workcamps this summer;
     Dr. Osei Darkwa (darkwa at will post this info to the
     VOLU list, once finalized.  Please join the VOLU list.

     Some of you may wish to combine activities in Ghana: participating
     in the GhaCLAD Computer Literacy/Distance Education Mission; 
     attending PANAFEST; and, joining in one of VOLU's workcamp projects.

     This will be a great opportunity for gathering insights and
     data for a writing project or research paper; and to earn academic
     credit for independent study or research.

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AASP Educational Travel Programs to Africa, Cuba & Brazil

Please ** PHONE ** 773-667-1285 (ofc); 773-684-6967 (FAX)

-  Multiple Programs, Multiple Themes
-  Various departure dates, year-round, all 4 seasons
-  1 to 3 week multi-disciplinary programs / edutours
-  Academic credit

For Professor Harold Rogers AASP Programs to Africa, Cuba & Brazil,
     with various itineraries, departure dates and program lengths 
     year round (now in its 19th yr), please go to: 

  (application, details)

     Prof. Roger's E-mail:  hrogers at (include your full
     mailing address and phone number, request the descriptive
     Catalog).  Apply now.  This program receives high praise from
     participants.  Earn academic credit, grad or undergrad.

     An intense exposure; groups are personally led by Dr. Rogers
     and his colleagues.




For those who will be traveling to Ghana with the GhaCLAD Education
delegation, you may be interested in attending some parts of the
celebrations, between July 30 and August 8, 1999.

Thank you, Dr. Kojo Arthur, for sending the PANAFEST article.

           Prema Qadir <egroups at>



Huge Turn Out For PANAFEST Expected In Ghana 

Panafrican News Agency
May 14, 1999 
by Desmond Davies 

LONDON, UK (PANA) - Some 10,000 Africans and those of African descent
50 countries will attend the fourth edition of the Pan African Historical
Theatre Festival (PANAFEST) in Ghana from 30 July to 8 August, according
the organisers. 

The festival is a celebration of Africa's contribution to world

First held in 1992, it is now too big for the Ghanaian government alone
fund it.

So in early 1999, the PANAFEST Foundation was formed, with an
board of trustees to run the biennial event, which will be private sector

Its chairman, Ghana's regional minister for Ashanti, Kojo Yankah, noted
that the festival had become the largest Pan-African cultural

He said it was "a worldwide movement to which we should all belong and
a responsibility to contribute to its growth." 

"Ghana is only providing the spiritual venue and its warm and hospitable
people," Yankah said at  the UK launch of PANAFEST at the Africa Centre

The theme of the festival is Uniting The African Family: The Agenda For A
New Millennium. 

Highlights of the event include an intellectual colloquium, a fashion
of African fabrics and beads, a durbar of chiefs, a tour of historical
sites and cultural facilities and a football match
between Ghana and Jamaica 7 August. 

PANAFEST will also coincide with Emancipation Day 1 August - the
commemoration of the abolition of chattel slavery in the British colonies
in 1834 and the Americas in 1865. 

"Ghana is the only country in Africa that commemorates the abolition of
chattel slavery," Yankah said. 

He added that 1 August "has become part of our festival calendar, and
be accordingly observed in 1999 to "re-dedicate our solidarity with all
peoples of African descent everywhere." 

Yankah said that a PANAFEST village would be built near Elmina. He hoped
that it would "become a home for our intellectuals, artists and cultural

"It is only in a sanitised and highly motivated environment that we can
actualise the formula for the re-emergence of African civilisation,"


Internet Links:   


1999 GhaCLAD Educational Mission to Ghana:


3]   Ghana Computer Literacy & Distance Education

GhaCLAD (Ghana Computer Literacy & Distance Education Program), 
a non-profit organization based in the US -- in addition
to promoting Computer Literacy and Distance Education in 
Africa, and sponsoring international conferences and symposia -- 
has been working with VOLU, an NGO in Ghana, to set up computer 
repair and computer literacy projects. 

2nd Int'l Conference

Please visit the web site of GhaCLAD:

You are welcome to join the list for volunteer organizers who are 
planning the 2nd Int'l Conference on African Computer Literacy, 
Distance Education & Info Technology, planned for June 2000 
in Accra.

Join GhaCLAD by sending a blank E-mail msg to: 

     GhaCLAD-discussion-subscribe at

     Please reply to the CONFIRM Request when it arrives.


President of GhaCLAD:  Dr. Osei Darkwa - darkwa at


  Program Coordinator, Africa Region/AFSC (Friends), Phila, PA

Subj:	American Friends Service Committee
From:	tmaguire at (Tracey Maguire)

Tracey Maguire
Human Resources Department
American Friends Service Committee

For more info on this and other jobs, visit our web site at:

Program Coordinator, Africa Region; Philadelphia, PA

The American Friends Service Committee works in cooperation
with Africans on economic, social, and political justice

The focus is on a participatory model of economic and social
development, adult education, leadership training, and
institutional development; short-term emergency relief to
victims of natural disasters and violent conflict; and
support of local, regional, and international networks for
exchange of ideas and experience, with particular emphasis
on women’s issues and the environment.

Within the AFSC norm of collaborative decision-making,
cooperation, and support, the Program Coordinator has
primary responsibility for the supervision and support of
the Southern Africa Quaker International Affairs
Representative based in Johannesburg, AFSC program staff in
Mozambique, and in other countries as assigned; coordination
of the process of program development, planning,
implementation, and evaluation; participation in overall
Africa Region strategic planning and new program
exploration; organization-wide collaboration with other AFSC
units, organizations, and donors; and support for AFSC
initiatives as a whole.

Requirements:  Compatibility with and ability to represent
and interpret the faith-based principles and positions
defining AFSC’s international work including non-violence,
equality, and the belief in the intrinsic worth of every
individual; demonstrated understanding of the global social,
economic, political, and development issues and US policies
affecting Africa with particular emphasis on Africa south of
the Sahara; minimum 3 years’ living and work experience in
Africa or similar international program context; experience
in program planning and administration and staff
supervision; proficiency in written and oral communication
skills in English and in Portuguese; ability to travel
internationally for 3-to-6 weeks once or twice annually.

Knowledge of one or more African languages an asset.

AFSC is a Quaker organization which includes people of
various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace,
and humanitarian service.

Send letter of interest & resume by June 21, 1999 to:

Elizabeth Stegner
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1479.

Fax 215/241-7247.  E-mail: TMaguire at

For info on this and other jobs, visit our web site at:



LEADS / TIPS - volunteering, jobs & education

Please participate in a Human Rights action on behalf of an 
     African-American tourist (turned prisoner of conscience).

   Send Barry a msg of goodwill; for details and to post/send
     your msg to help bolster his morale, go to:  <- prison letters, updates

   Please do write to this Human Rights victim who will
     soon pass his 6th consecutive birthday in a French cell
     just 6X12 ft.  

   We will print out & forward your msg to him at his prison address
     in France. Write/post your msg at the above Web site, or 
     E-mail it to us at:  Justice at, Humanity at

   Please take time to send a message of encouragement to Barry.

Pls find a long list of orgs & progs offering volunteer
     & internship opptys at:

Find copious lists of USA job openings in education &
     research at:

and at the Historically Black Colleges & Universities
     (HBCU) site:

For links to Job Banks and Resources, go to:

For links to Fellowship & Scholarship Resources,
     Opportunities, go to:

Wildnet-Africa: Wildlife Jobs Offered
     Managers, researchers, research assistants, 
     rangers, rehabilitators, etc





From: info at


UPDATE:   MAY 1, 1999
Go to:   for latest info

Support for the Middle Passage Monument Project continues to grow 
as people around the world share the information on the historic event 
to family, friends, and acquaintances.

Preliminary figures indicate that 2.5 to 3 million people from across 
the United States and around the world will converge on Manhattan between

June 19 and July 3, 1999 in honor of the Middle Passage Monument Project.

Below is a listing of the events which have been scheduled to date:

   -SATURDAY, June 19th:  "Tribute to the Ancestors" at Coney Island
   -SUNDAY, June 20th:  Mass at the St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth
   -MONDAY, June 21st:  Reception at the Schomburg Center
   -TUESDAY, June 22nd:  Ecumenical Service at the Cathedral of St. John 
                         the Divine
   -WEDNESDAY, June 23rd:  Reception at the Brooklyn Museum of Art
   -THURSDAY, June 24th:  (open)
   -FRIDAY, June 25th:  Two(2) concerts at the South Street Seaport
   -SATURDAY, June 26th: Reception on board the Peking, the1911-built 
                         tall ship at the South Street Seaport Museum
   -SUNDAY, June 27th:  Service at the Abyssinian Baptist Church
                        "Family Reunion" at Battery Park
   -MONDAY, June 28th:  (open)
   -TUESDAY, June 29th:  (open)
   -WEDNESDAY, June 30th:  "Top Dog" Talent Night at the Apollo Theater
   -THURSDAY, July 1st:  Reception at the Studio Museum in honor of our 
                         Canadian brothers and sisters
   -FRIDAY, July 2nd:  Candlelight Vigil at Riverside Park
   -SATURDAY, July 3rd: The Middle Passage Monument Ceremony at Randall's

                       Island in Manhattan

Unconfirmed events:

   -African Diaspora Film Festival
   -Receptions by various African nations

A definitive list of events is published at the HBF 
web site (  Venue addresses and 
directions for public transportation are provided.

Please Note: except for the Talent Night at the Apollo, all events 
are free.  Some events, due to space limitations, are by invitation. 
Invitations will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.


"If the Atlantic Ocean's infamous Middle Passage were to dry up today, 
we would witness a trail of mangled human bones stretching from Africa 
to the 'New World.'  With clenched fists and mouths agape, they call out 
to us from their distant grave. 

We are the descendants of those African people.  We are honored to pay 
them our respects." 

Wayne James, Founder The Homeward Bound Foundation, Inc.  

The Homeward Bound Foundation, Inc. 
P.O. Box 25333 
Washington, DC 20007 USA 
Phone 202-333-0911 
Toll Free: 1-888-334-9229 
Fax : 202-362-7684 
Email: info at



New Free Service

    Receive by E-mail announcements on
    opportunities (volunteer work, internships, jobs, 
    conferences, events) and on news and politics in the 
    vast African Diaspora.  

    Join the information network for the African Diaspora, with
    900-plus subscribed worldwide -- linking people, campuses, 
    communities, nations and continents.

    Share info that you have with others.

Send a blank message (or any message) to:

     AfricaWorld at

with  "Join AfricaWorld Community" in the Subject

    REPLY to the CONFIRM Request when it arrives,
    and you will be added.  <=read past posts


Thank you.

Cecil R. Washington, Jr.
Oberlin College / UC Berkeley

Founder, AfricaWorld Network
cecil at

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