Shimadzu Instructed to Cease and Desist!

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Mon Nov 1 12:31:21 EST 1999

Shimadzu Instructed to Cease and Desist

  ...Shimadzu corporate management is being served notice to stop
playing dirty!

The following letter is being vigorously disseminated using several mail
and news resources/servers on the world wide web. Please pass the word!

To: Shimadzu Corporation (and all corporate subsidiaries worldwide)
From: the folks at Shimadzu & Kratos Consumer Alerts
Subject: Shimadzu's online efforts to expunge the Alerts
homepages (plural)

We have very good reason to conclude that Shimadzu Corporation and it's
corporate affiliates/subsidiaries (eg. emphasis on Shimadzu Scientific
Instruments, Inc) around the world have made intentional, deliberate and
willful efforts to advocate the removal of numerous URLs from internet
databases which direct and point prospective online visitors to the ugly
truth about the other side of Shimadzu. Shimadzu has been losing this
online war since early 1997 with very few battle victories to show (yes,
we have had our usenet posting privileges revoked but somehow the
messages keep getting thru). Some diehard Shimadzu users have even
claimed in error that corporate sales have increased in spite of our
online pursuits but the Shimadzu Annual Reports don't bear this out. In
fact, for the past 6 years, net sales (in US dollars) have never
exceeded their reported 1992 highs. What does that tell you? This
company is bleeding profusely!

We have documented numerous examples of Shimadzu's outrageous efforts to
censure the information appearing on our homepage at Shimadzu is a company that likes
to have it both ways. They like to brainwash their unsuspecting
customers while flagrantly violating the rights and freedoms of others.
If you choose to due business with this outfit, then this is truly your
business but don't say you haven't been warned about these corporate
lowlifes. This is a company that lies, denies and cover-ups! Remember,
the Japanese perfected these skills in the months leading up to the
surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. And we know for a fact that company
lowlifes working for Shimadzu Scientific (Columbia, MD, USA) still use
these same dirty tricks to this very day. The more things change, the
more they stay the same! Incredibly, some Shimadzu suckers are under the
mistaken guise that Shimadzu has been repeatedly slandered. Then why
haven't they sued (they don't think twice about suing their own
customers). The sad fact is that Shimadzu runs from the truth because
they can't stop it's dissemination!

Recently, we reported a firsthand account of a Shimadzu GC which
exploded at a customer site during a training session. You can probably
imagine the embarrassment running wild in the Shimadzu organization if
word of this disaster leaked out.... well it did! We felt that current
users of this Shimadzu technology should know about a potential
time-bomb that might be sitting in their labs. As usual, Shimadzu
attempted to highlight the whistle-blower in an effort to draw fire from
their own incendiary devices. Shimadzu has convinced themselves that
this messenger (ie. disgruntled employee) is more important to expose
than the message of defective Shimadzu GCs which are prone to blow-up
under certain circumstances. Were/are they interested in your personal
safety or they more interested in protecting their bottom line? To
counter damning reports like this, Shimadzu employs a Corporate
Communications Coordinator whose primary job is to twist-n-spin any
damaging/embarrassing reports. Prior to our report, Shimadzu never
acknowledged this explosive GC problem publicly and we are unaware of
any official recalls/warnings advising customers of this disconcerting
design flaw. We believe strongly that current/future GC users would want
to know of this Shimadzu debacle since these lowlifes cannot be relied
upon to deliver the unadulterated truth!

With all of that said, we will remind those American counterparts
working/conducting business on behalf of Shimadzu in the United States
that Article 1 of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution decrees
that: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the
freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably
to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of
grievances." The following definition was provided for the benefit of
Shimadzu management and their retained legal counsel since they have
been violating our US Civil/Constitutional Rights. Someone please tell
these corporate trolls that we have an absolute and undeniable right to
free speech/press. If Shimadzu et. al. don't like it, then they
shouldn't pass GO and they shouldn't collect $200.00 either! Why would
you do business with a company that tries to squelch our rights to voice
opinions even if they find those viewpoints truthful but unsettling? Put
the shoe on the other foot ladies and gentlemen!

Readers perusing this communication should know that no Shimadzu
management type has ever challenged the veracity or the truthfulness of
the numerous facts promulgated on the Shimadzu Alerts homepage. Since
January of 1999, we have even offered to give away up to 10,000 Japanese
yen to the first person (including any Shimadzu employees worldwide)
whom provides credible and incontrovertible evidence which definitively
proves that we have concocted/published any untruths or falsehoods
whatsoever about this deceitful organization. Guess what.... we have had
NO takers! The truth is very powerful stuff and those Shimadzu
managerial figureheads can't stand the heat; hence their behind the
scenes efforts to scour/expunge our homepages (plural) from several
online databases/forums. Anyone should wonder about a company that
engages in this kind of conduct. What are they trying to hide? Since
Shimadzu has done it before, they will do it again (they have more than
a 50 year history of concealing troubling truths!).

By way of this communication, Shimadzu managerial figureheads/employees
worldwide (emphasis on the malcontents in the United States) are hereby
ordered to cease and desist in any/all actions intended (directly or
indirectly) to censure our ubiquitous online presence on the world wide
web. Shimadzu Corporation and it's worldwide affiliates/subsidiaries are
to refrain from any further conduct, behavior or actions intended to
prevent the free dissemination and undistubed tabulation of our numerous
homepages/URLs. If we are forced to take legal action to defend/restore
our unabridged rights, Shimadzu should understand that we will petition
the courts for all legal costs including actual damages (eg. time and
trouble to upload/re-catalog our homepages/URLs) plus attorney fees in
addition to punitive and treble damages. It is unfortunate that there is
a bellicose outfit like Shimadzu doing business in this world while
employing numerous corporate bullies but this is the kind of world we
live in. The consuming public is being advised to take your valuable
business elsewhere before Shimadzu undertakes an effort to infringe on
your rights, privileges and freedoms!

n.b. If you listen to the drivel flowing from Shimadzu, employees openly
dismiss any perceived effect of the Shimadzu Alerts homepage on their
business activities. Privately though, Shimadzu has been trying to
minimize this enduring threat which has had a measurable impact on their
bottom line. Otherwise, why do their domestic and foreign corporate IP
addresses keep showing up in our server logs and why do they persist
with their online efforts to blot our numerous homepages/URLs?

n.b. Shimadzu has been caught once again with their greedy little hands
in the cookie jar.... this is a company that specializes in lies,
denials and cover-ups worldwide. What a shady way to do business! That's
all you need to know!

          When you hear the name Shimadzu.... THINK lowlifes!

         For more information about Shimadzu, call 1-800-LIARS

Try our new URL:

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