Lose 2-14 Inches in ONE Hour! Guaranteed!

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Did you know that there's a way to lose 2 to 14 inches of
fat PERMANENTLY and SAFELY in only 1 HOUR?! . . .
100% Guaranteed!

Did you know that this has been CLINICALLY PROVEN?!

Did you know that Men AND Women have been spending
$75-150 to have a salon provide this service for them?!

Did you know that you can now lose 2 to 14 inches of fat in
ONE HOUR, PERMANENTLY and SAFELY, in the privacy
and comfort of your own home -- for UNDER $20 ?!

I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's true!!  With an
mineral body wrap, you can PERMANENTLY and SAFELY
lose 2 to 14 inches of fat in ONE HOUR!
I did -- and so can YOU!

Still skeptical?  Just listen to these testimonials from REAL
people who have used our specially formulated body wraps:

"I was skeptical -- lose INCHES of fat in one hour?!  Well,
let me tell you . . . my first body wrap, I lost 5 inches, and
my second wrap I lost 5-3/4 inches.  But most exciting
was my 3rd wrap when I lost 12-3/4 inches in just ONE
hour!  Forget skepticism -- this is the EASIEST time
I've EVER had losing weight!"
-- Holly Cotter, MD

"I do a lot of body wraps on a lot of people.  I see a lot
of different results.  One thing is for sure -- they ALL
lose inches, and the inches stay off!  On average, with
the body wraps I do, they lose between 7 and 11
inches with the first wrap, another 5 to11 inches with
the second, 3 to 9 inches with the third, and another
3 to 9 inches with the fourth wrap.  The inches ALWAYS
stay off, and they never go back to the size they were
in the beginning.  I'm also finding that it helps people
with aches and pains.  It is very soothing, especially
for people with arthritis and fibromyalgia."
--Tracey Long, PA

"I lost 11 1/2 inches after my very first body wrap. After my
second and third wraps, I lost over 18 inches more. Then
following my last body wrap, I lost an additional 16 inches.
In one month, I lost 45 inches! Furthermore, I have more
energy than ever, and I feel so much healthier!"
--Sherrie Lopez, CA

"I just did my first body wrap a few days ago and it was
fantastic! I lost 5 inches in just 1 hour! After completing the
wrap, I had the best night's sleep I had had in a long time
and I woke up very refreshed & energized. My body feels
tighter & "lighter" now too. I can't wait to see the results
after 3 more wraps over the next 3 weeks!"
--Suzy Cole, OR

"My very first wrap I lost a total of 5 1/2 inches from my waist
down. My legs felt smoother and more toned. I did another
wrap about 10 days later and I lost an additional 4 inches.
The inches have stayed off. My husband has even noticed the
results. Now I am ready for my summer vacation to the beach.
I totally recommend Life Force's Herbal Body Wrap to anyone
who wants to lose inches and feel great."
--Stacy Russell, TX

What are you waiting for?  You have nothing to lose except
fat!!  Get details NOW about our clinically proven body wrap
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