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>                             BIOLOGICAL ALCHEMY !
>                         ANOTHER Form of COLD FUSION !
>                 ALTERNATIVE Heavy Element Creation in Universe !
>               A very simple experiment can demonstrate (PROVE) the
>          FACT of " BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS " (reactions like Mg + O
>          --> Ca, Si + C --> Ca, K + H --> Ca, N2 --> CO, etc.), as
>          described in the BOOK " Biological Transmutations " by Louis

yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody but scientists know that transmutation is
a fact of "life".

There are two basic energies in life, the "generative power" and
the "degenerative power". The generative power is "organizing"
and "reproductive", casues things to organise into ordered patterns
and to replicate. The degenerative power causes things to
disintegrate, and to become disordered. Physicists study the
degenerative forces and ignore and deny the existence of the
generative forces, that's why they can never explain "life". The
physicist is content to stick with the study of "death" and things
that are in the state of "decay."

When an atom is "infused" with the "generative fluid" it can
"transmute" into another atom. Sucn active matter forms the
subject of "al-chemy" - an officially debunked area of knowledge.
When an atom is "depleted" of the "generative fluid" it
cannot "transmute" it can only chemically interact by surface
contact with other "dead atoms", and we get the study of
"chemy" or "chemistry" - the officially sanctioned area of knowledge.

Everything about alchemy will be denied, only chemistry is
permitted at this time in history. Alchemy is too powerful,
it allows you do do "real" magic.

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