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>                A very simple experiment can demonstrate (PROVE) the
>           FACT of " BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS" (reactions like Mg + O
>           --> Ca, Si + C --> Ca, K + H --> Ca, N2 --> CO, etc.)

Nope sorry, it can't.

>                (1) Obtain a good sample of plant seeds, all of the same
>                    kind.  [Some kinds might work better that others.]
>                (2) Divide the sample into two groups of equal weight
>                    and number.
>                (3) Sprout one group in distilled water on filter paper
>                    for three or four weeks.
>                (4) Separately incinerate both groups.
>                (5) Weigh the residue from each group.  [The residue of
>                    the sprouted group will usually weigh at least
>                    SEVERAL PERCENT MORE than the other group.]

Shock! Horror!
This is a phenomenon known as 'carbon fixation', where CO2 from the
atmosphere is photosynthesised into sugars and eventually structural
components of the plant such as cellulose. You may find some mention of it
in recent text books.

>                (6) Analyze quantitatively the residue of each group for
>                    mineral content.  [ Some of the mineral atoms of the
>                    sprouted group have been TRANSMUTED into heavier
>                    mineral elements by FUSING with atoms of oxygen,
>                    hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, etc..]

Sorry, but this is simply untrue.

... as is the rest of your spiel. eg

>                The reaction N2 --> CO, catalysed by very hot iron,
>           creates a CARBON MONOXIDE POISON HAZARD for welder operators
>           and people near woodstoves (even properly sealed ones).

I am willing to remain in a room containing an electrically heated block if
iron for as long as you claim it would be neccessary for the CO
concentration to build to toxic levels. I'll bet my life-savings that I
don't pass out from CO poisoning if you'll put up yours (a certain minimum
applies). Contact me to arrange the demonstration (as the claimant, you will
of course cover all other expenses).

Interesting that the 'bibliography' to this piece doesnt contain any peer
reviewed material in it. The 'facts' described ehre are worth at least two
or three Nobel prizes...


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