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I have read both of your recommended texts and they are both purile from a
scientific standpoint.   Kervran talks about 'transmutation' from deficient
plots but no-where in his book does he give an analysis of the plant to
establish that it produced one element by transmuting from another.  That is
assumed BECAUSE HE STARTED with a rate limiting nutrient deficiency.
Whatever happened to the scientific method ?

Go ahead - spend the money - buy the books - and if you have half a brain
you will come to the same conclusion that I did when I read about the ex
Qantas pilot who believed that all the antennas on peoples houses were part
of a secret alien spacehip navigation system.  Duh - why don't you knock on
their door and ask them if they are part of the conspiracy !@!

The 'secret' life of plants is equally technically challenging.

Brook Hill

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>>                (5) Weigh the residue from each group.  [The residue of
>>                    the sprouted group will usually weigh at least
>>                    SEVERAL PERCENT MORE than the other group.]
>No duh.  What exactly do you think sprouting is?  I'll bet if you take
>an acorn, plant it and wait a decade, then come back and incinerate the
>resulting "sprout", the residue will weigh more than a _whole_ acorn.
>Much more.
>>                (6) Analyze quantitatively the residue of each group
>>                    mineral content.  [ Some of the mineral atoms of
>>                    sprouted group have been TRANSMUTED into heavier
>>                    mineral elements by FUSING with atoms of oxygen,
>>                    hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, etc..]
>This would be more impressive if you burned the filter paper as well.
>Otherwise, you can't rule out the much more plausible hypothesis that
>the sprouts have extracted trace minerals from the paper.
>>                Some MINERAL DEPOSITS in the ground are formed by
>>           organisms FUSING together atoms of silicon, carbon,
>>           oxygen, hydrogen, etc..
>Even if we assume such transmutations occur, how could you _possibly_
>know the above?
>>                The two reactions Si + C <--> Ca, by micro-organisms,
>>           cause "STONE SICKNESS" in statues, building bricks, etc..
>Never heard of it, but feel free to post a description of the
>phenomenon, and evidence that the silicon is transmuting.  You sure
>you're not describing damage due to acid rain?
>>                The reaction N2 --> CO, catalysed by very hot iron,
>>           creates a CARBON MONOXIDE POISON HAZARD for welder operators
>>           and people near woodstoves (even properly sealed ones).
>And not, say, incomplete burning of the fuel?  That's the usual cause of
>CO.  Do your results still hold if you heat up the iron electrically in
>a pure nitrogen environment?
>>                Some bacteria can even NEUTRALIZE RADIOACTIVITY !
>You mean, they can survive in radioactive environments?  Sure.  So can a
>guy in a lead suit.  They can prevent radioactive decay?  Prove it.
>>           currently accepted "laws" of physics, (including the law
>>           which says that atomic fusion requires EXTREMELY HIGH
>>           temperatures and pressures.)
>There's no such physical law.  It's hard to take seriously anyone who
>tries to blow away all of modern science without understanding what a
>scientific law _is_.
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