Hudson-River Park to be replaced by Skycrapers -->> who's boondoggle?

ROSAPHILIA rugosa at
Wed Nov 17 03:05:37 EST 1999

>From the CYBERPARK mailing list:
The "elected but removed" Vice Chair of the NYC Sierra Club, Andy
Lawrence (I
am not running for a Sierra Club office, and I believe that I have
laid out the existing Club positions) wrote:

"The Lower Hudson River: The Army Corps of Engineers must prepare a
formal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) before any Federal permits
are issued for this project; the area must be preserved and maintained
a true park, not "...a $400,000,000 boondoggle for politically
building-trade biggies.... " (Wall Street Journal, 9/2/99); and true
habitat protection be provided for the billions of spawning and
striped bass, summer flounder, bluefish, black sea bass, American eel,
American shad and menhaden. (Jim Lane, co-Chair).
H-e-l-l-o? The "lower Hudson River" just happens to be the 15+ year in
progress HUDSON RIVER PARK!   The position of the writer and the
ignorance of
the Wall Street Journal is amazing.  There is LEGISLATION in place for
estuary and all its inhabitants...long, squirmy eels and all!

The only place I have ever seen the word "boondoggle" is the same place
you'll find the term "we want a green park"... Despite their
there are no skyscrapers (ever) here - -we WILL have a REAL park!

A full Federal EIS would be redundant...there has ALREADY been a
COMPREHENSIVE New York State EIS!  Work in the water is limited to
the bulkhead and reconstructing 13 existing piers..ALL to be limited to
use!  The habitat has not changed...actually wildlife feeders and new
areas will be created in gardens on the piers!  Both the USEPA and the
NATIONAL MARINE FISHERIES Service have concluded that a Federal EIS is

What a horrible mistake to see a handful make more lobbying bucks over
18-month delay.  Anyone have real jobs available for these "`doggle"
We'all love our estuary and her bass, shad, cormorants, etc.  Where
should be
put another purple martin house once Pier 84 is rebuilt?

Barbara Feldt
Director, Manhattan Botanical Garden

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