Fraud Alert !-- I-link Worldwide, Wealthcom, Buyers united --Long Distance Fraud Alert !

Joseph Gadoury jgad at
Fri Nov 19 06:38:58 EST 1999

FRAUD ALERT! I-link Worldwide, Wealthcom, Buyers united 
Phone Long Distance SCAM!!

Q: How long would it take for AT&t or MCI to cancel their services 
     if you would not pay their bills ? 

A: At the most 3 months. (a fair estimate) 
Imagine! I have not paid I-Link Worldwide "NASDAQ: ILNK"
invoices for the past 2 1/2 years and as of August 1999 
I'm still being charge Long distance phone calls that not only I have
never made but my long distance provider has been 
MCI and AT&t for the past 2 1/2 years. 
Wait! Wait! it gets worst. 
The phone number they are billing me from is a number that was never
register by me or my wife at any addresses I ever lived. "I have a
letter sign by Pacific Bell to acknowledge that fact." 

For all details See the link below

I have found several peoples who have experience the same with these
company, If you or anybody you know has had the same experience 
PLEASE EMAIL ME  jgad at  

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