Direct Email Advertising that works - or?

z0rbaf at z0rbaf at
Sun Nov 21 15:25:05 EST 1999

Please see
for an example of what happens when
you use somebody elses lists - the 
ONLY way to know for sure that your
list is good, is to compile it yourself!
If you want something done right, you
have to do it yourself.

And remember, SPAM is ILLEGAL in Virgina, Washington and
               have a nice day :)

MORE INFORMATION should you desire it....

My post to this newsgroup in no-way constitutes a 
solicitation for more E-Mail.  I NEVER buy anything 
from anyone who sends JUNK E-Mail!
see &

In article <199911211559.AAA0000022274 at>, mihlx at MARIJUANA.MD
>Direct email advertising gets fast orders or you would not see it.
>We provide all reliable bulk mail services.
>We can mail for you or get you an isp account to mail through.
>PR Firms and Stock Companies are our Specialty.
>Great verified names, not this cd junk which are probably our old names.
>All new web based mail system. Mails a million or more a day. 
>Professional mail system for the serious mailer.
>Hit button to hear no more. Sometimes reply dies before we get to it.

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