Vs: dictyostelium discoideum - know about it?

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Read the following sites of Zoologie (Wehner; Gehring)1995,
170, 456, 607-609 and 614 or go to English biblioteque.

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> I was perusing  the entertaining site:
> http://munshi.sonoma.edu/jamal/weird.html
> And I came across the following info about the abilitiy of this weird
> organism called 'Dictyostelium discoideum' to form a multicelled creature.
> Is it true, or can you point me in the right direction to find out?
> "dictyostelium discoideum these normally single celled creatures can
> together and form a multicelled creature when the going gets tough. and
> new creature is a creature in every way complete with cell specialization,
> reproductive system, and even self-awareness. apply this concept to
> and to bee hives, schools of fish, flocks of birds, mobs, society, and the
> stock market. and what do you make of those textbook theories that it took
> millions of years for single celled organisms to evolve into multicelled
> organisms? (uc san diego, 1999)"
> thank you!
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