VO2/VCO2 is a good indicator of a horse performance

JanCzek janczek at aol.com
Sun Nov 28 15:15:01 EST 1999

VO2/VCO2 Metabolic Computer for Hoses
To evaluate heart-lung system of a horse you can use special version of the
Oxymax Indirect Calorimeter (Respirometer) that has been configured for use
with treadmill exercising horses. Oxymax-XL supports air supply flows from 1000
LPM to 15,000 LPM, making it useful for animals ranging in size from large pigs
to horses. Oxymax-XL supports one channel and can be configured for either
positive or negative ventilation conditions. Unique to Oxymax-XL is its rapid
response. Modifications allow operation at recording rates that make near
real-time monitoring possible for horses undergoing exercise testing. For more
information visist:


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