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Well, I pretty much agree with you. I built the "Plant Consciousness
Detector" because I had read "The Secret Life of Plants" and wanted to see
for myself if what was reported therein seemed to be a real effect, just
artifacts of the methods, or a total fabrication. I was hoping it was real
and I could get some interesting data. When an electronics hobby magazine I
subscribed to came up with a schematic and construction article - I went for

So, I was just test a hypothesis and using the terms that came with it.
I had previously built and used brain wave detectors (of my own design), so
I knew some types of electrical signals were associated with brain
activity - not just muscle movement.

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> wow, this is interesting!  I had heard rumors for years of experiments
> on plants with lie detector devices.  I'd never heard for certain if such
> experiments had actually been done and, if so, whether they'd been
> substantiated or debunked.
> Now let me pose you a possibility here.  Y'all seem to think that
> activity=consciousness.  That's asking for a lot, isn't it?  We still
> understand the human brain, and that organ we CAN associate with
> consciousness.  Are those electrical impulses running through our nervous
> system really indicators of sentience or consciousness, OR are they merely
> impulses that allow our moving parts to move?
> I personally think the jury's still out on whether plants have
> or awareness.  And we have no business trying to define whether species
> "alien" to ourselves (as plants surely are) have consciousness when we
> even pinpoint what consciousness IS in the *human* brain.  Or any OTHER
> animal brain for that matter.
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