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> > I also took Polaroid photos of two nearly identical slices of a pear -
> > on top of a "Pyramid Energy Plate" device I bought in a metaphysical
> > bookstore and one on top of only the shelf. These were in mason open
> > to stop air currents, and were placed on a shelf in a closed nursery
> > hothouse about 3 feet apart. In other words, one jar with the peach
> > inside was on the "Energy Plate" and the other jar, with the other peach
> > slice inside, was just on the shelf.
> >
> > They looked the same for many days. Then the one on the "Energy Plate"
> > stopped deteriorating, while the other was eventually black and
> > When I put them next to each other on a piece of cardboard and removed
> > "Energy Plate", they were both black and shrunken in a couple of days.
> >
> That does surprise me slightly.
It took me completely by surprise. I figured a "Pryamid Energy Plate"
(wasn't cheap either) had to be snake oil - "but what the heck - I'll just
rig up a quick experiment." Then amazement!
> >
> > Someday, I'd like to do this over, in a double-blind way, and with a
> > "Pyramid Energy Plate" under the "control" sample.
> >

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