How to repel flies

Joaquin Lopez Cortes jlopez at
Tue Oct 5 12:55:28 EST 1999

Hello, everybody,

first of all I ask for your understanding if this group is not the
correct one for the following question. 
Should it not be the case, please let me know it. 

I wonder whether someone knows about how to repel flies through natural
means, i. e., without the use of insecticides or energy. We have heard
about some plants like basil that would have a repelent effect on flies.
Up to the moment we have not tried. The problem (the flies) is on the
outside part of windows. 

Does someone knows about other plants that could have similar effects
and that can stand the winter? Would you know the scientific names / the
popular ones in spanish?

Thanks in advance for your hints!

Joaquin Lopez Cortes
jlopez at

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