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Say Goodbye To Rudy Giuliani

Could Mayor Giuliani, who recently called anti-pesticide
activists “environmental terrorists” actually be one of the
world’s biggest environmental terrorists? Could what has been
depicted as a courageous response to a genuine public health
emergency turn out to be the most shocking eugenics
experiment in human history? Could the man who was poised to
become the next U.S. Senator from NY or U.S. Attorney
General under President George W. Bush end up as a criminal
defendant in a massive government scandal? If you don’t buy
the feel-good propaganda about victory over encephalitis being
peddled by the Giuliani administration the answer to all three of
the above questions is a very big yes.

It seems that Mayor Giuliani’s Malathion Marathon might
actually result in one beneficial result after all...the elimination
of our #1 toxic pest, art censor and quality of life violator from
public office. Community boards, public interest groups and a
rapidly growing number of anti-spray activists are condemning
the Giuliani administration and the Mayor personally for his
handling of the so-called crisis.

Based on the most recent lab reports it turns out there was no
Saint Louis Encephalitis epidemic in New York City after all.
The experts in the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management
(OEM) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) say they
misdiagnosed the illness. Now they claim the culprit is a
different and much less dangerous disease, the so-called West
Nile-like Virus, which they also claim has never before appeared
in North America.

They’ve also been forced to admit that it may not even be
mosquitoes that are the source of the virus but ticks which are
immune to Malathion. In other words, the daily aerial spraying
of Malathion, a toxic organophosphate nerve gas, on eight
million New Yorkers may have done nothing whatsoever to
prevent encephalitis. 

A 9/29/99 article in Newsday, “Area Labs Have Long Studied
Virus/Yale, Rockefeller began tests in '50s” while making no
direct connection to the current crisis, points out that it’s not
completely true that West Nile Virus has never before appeared
in North America. According to the article, for some
unexplianed reason Rockefeller University in Manhattan has
been conducting experiments with West Nile Virus for years. 

The Rockefeller family has been directly linked for much of the
past century with Eugenics, the pseudo-science of eliminating
what its advocates consider undesirable or inferior members of
the human species. Blacks, Latinos, and those suffering from
physical and mental diseases, as well as criminals and those
“unwilling to  work” are among Eugenics’ key targets for
elimination. Adolf Hitler got most of his ideas about purifying
the Aryan race from American and British Eugenicists. Among
hundreds of Rockefeller funded institutes and projects in the
U.S., England and Germany that have been involved in
promoting Eugenics, was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for
Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity in Berlin. The
head of that institute, Dr. Otmar Verschuer, was Josef
Mengele’s patron, teacher and co-researcher. Another
Rockefeller sponsored doctor and researcher, Dr. Franz
Kallmann, helped save Verschuer after WWII by testifying
favorably about his value to science during the U.S. government
denazification hearings. Dr. Kallmann later created the
American Society of Human Genetics, which organized the
"Human Genome Project". [See:] 
[Also see: Nazi Germany, Klaus P. Fischer pg. 515]

The Rockefellers and Prescott Bush, the grandfather of
Presidential candidate George W. Bush, gave Hitler a great deal
of financial support right up until the U.S. entered WWII. In
1942, after a congressional investigation led by then Senator
Harry Truman, the Federal government froze the assets of some
of Bush’s banks to prevent him from further helping the Nazis.
It’s worth noting that conservative commentator and
Presidential candidate Pat Buchannan’s recent statements that
the U.S. shouldn’t have fought Hitler represents a view that was
widely prevalent in the U.S. before 1942 and that was promoted
by the Fords, the Rockefellers and other Eugenics inspired
industrial dynasties at that time.

Thousands of Hitler’s top scientists, medical researchers and
intelligence experts were brought to the U.S. after WWII where
they were incorporated into civilian and military based medical,
psychological and industrial research efforts. Many also became
CIA employees. According to a 1994 Report by the U.S.
Congress titled Examining Biological Experimentation on U.S.
Military [[See:]
“During the last 50 years, hundreds of thousands of military
personnel have been involved in human experimentation and
other intentional exposures conducted by the Department of
Defense (DOD), often without a servicemember's knowledge or
consent. In some cases, soldiers who consented to serve as
human subjects found themselves participating in experiments
quite different from those described at the time they
volunteered...The U.S. General Accounting Office issued a
report on September 28, 1994, which stated that between 1940
and 1974, DOD and other national security agencies studied
hundreds of thousands of human subjects in tests and
experiments involving hazardous substances. (Note 65) GAO
stated that some tests and experiments were conducted in
secret. Medical research involving the testing of nerve agents,
nerve agent antidotes, psychochemicals, and irritants was often
classified. Additionally, some work conducted for DOD by
contractors still remains classified today”
The Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company was closely associated
with Germany’s I.G. Farben Chemical cartel before, during and
after WWII. I.G. Farben was the manufacturer of Zyklon-B, the
nerve gas used to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust. In
1940-41, I.G. Farben built a gigantic factory at Auschwitz in
Poland, in order to use Standard Oil/I.G. Farben patents and
concentration camp slave labor to produce gasoline from coal.
Standard-Germany president Emil Helfferich testified after the
war that Standard Oil funds helped pay for SS guards at

Through various pseudo-scientific research groups and policy
think tanks proponents of the eugenics agenda continue to
promote the idea of controlling human population through
vaccines, sterilization programs, drugs, euthanasia, public
education and so-called public health initiatives. The Center For
Disease control (CDC) is a major proponent of these ideas in
the U.S. and conducts extremely controversial experiments on
unsuspecting populations in both the U.S. and third world

Among New York City’s proponents of such ideas is the
Manhattan Institute, which was founded in 1978 by William
Casey, who later became President Reagan's CIA director. The
Institute is where one-time Federal prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani
proudly claims to have gotten the inspiration for many of his
most controversial social policy ideas. 

A 5/12/97 NY Times feature on the Manhattan Institute titled,
“Turning Intellect Into Influence; the Manhattan Institute Has
Nudged New York Rightward”, states, “The Manhattan
Institute was an early proponent of shrinking city government; it
enabled Charles Murray to publish the 1984 book that many
people believe begat welfare reform, and it promoted theories
about crime and public disorder that later underlay the work of
the former Police Commissioner, William J. Bratton. It took up
the question of the quality of life in New York City in 1990,
well before Mr. Giuliani made that a cornerstone of his
successful election campaign in 1993.  The institute has savaged
open admissions al the City University of New York, pushed
hospital privatization and aggressively promoted school choice.
Now, its critique of rent control is helping to inform State
Senator Joseph L. Bruno's move to phase out rent regulations,
and its proposal for charter schools is circulating through
legislative offices in Albany...Mr. Giuliani and his campaign staff
began meeting with institute members in 1992, and since that
time have absorbed many of its ideas, particularly on such issues
as the city's tax structure, economic development, education
policy, policing and quality of life.”

“The Manhattan Institute clearly has become the force, and
there is no progressive force to counter it. There isn't even a
debate...The mayor has a very close working relationship with
the Manhattan Institute," Giuliani's communications director,
Crystine Lategano, said.” -Boston Sunday Globe, 2/22/98

Could this phony mosquito epidemic all be part of an elaborate
Eugenics experiment rather than simply being a heavy-handed
response to an outbreak of disease? Depending on how willing
one is to entertain the notion that the government may not
exactly be our best friend, a lot of people are beginning to
question the placement of a Federal bio-warfare/animal virus lab
on Plum Island, right off the coast of Long Island NY. During
the 1930’s Plum Island was alleged to be a key site for Eugenics
experiments. The lab is also is suspected by some writers and
researchers as being the original source for the AIDs epidemic.
A 9/22/99 NY Times article, “ U.S. Would Use Long Island
Lab to Study Food Terrorism” describes the Federal
government’s intention to upgrade the facilities’ security
clearance to the highest level, allowing it to experiment with the
most virulent strains of deadly human and animal virus’. 

It only gets worse. Despite the Mayor’s daily assurances that
Malathion was and is completely safe thousands of people
throughout the City are now complaining of rashes, eye
irritations, nervousness, breathing difficulties, dizziness and
weakness all of which are known to be immediate short term
symptoms of Malathion poisoning. City hospital emergency
room doctors have privately admitted to anti-pesticide activists
a sudden increase in pesticide related complaints but claim they
cannot go public with this because the Mayor would cut their
funding, a now all to familiar refrain in New York City. 

People who call the Mayor’s Malathion hotline and manage to
get through to a doctor are assured that their symptoms are
nothing to worry about because, “Malathion is completely
harmless and safe.” Because the spraying schedule was often
incorrect or unavailable to the public, tens of thousands of
people were directly sprayed while on the street, in parks or in
their homes with the windows open. Additionally, the Mayor’s
assurances that the chemicals being sprayed were totally
harmless caused most people to take few if any precautions
even if they were aware of the schedule. Might that have been
exactly the result the spraying was intended to produce?

The CDC, the Department of Environmental Protection and the
OEM all admit they’ve done no testing for Malathion residue in
the air, in bodies of water, in people’s blood or on land to
determine the levels of residue and contamination. So far they
also have no comment when confronted by the fact that it is a
violation of Federal law to spray Malathion anywhere near
bodies of water, a fact included in every Malathion
manufacturers application instructions. Thousands of fish and
birds and an uncountable number of environmentally necessary
insects such as bees are already dead as a result of the spraying.
At this point no one can even begin to estimate the devastating
effect on the City’s human, plant and animal life.

These are just the immediately visible results. In humans,
Malathion exposure is known to damage DNA even at very low
doses, to case birth defects and tumors, to damage the kidneys
and is suspected in numerous other physical and mental
disorders. By next year at this time we will have seen the first
locally born Malathion damaged children and the first incidents
of serious diseases caused by Malathion exposure. Do you think
NYC’s lead-tainted children are doing badly in school now?
Wait until their Malathion damaged nervous systems are
confronted with the higher academic standards the Mayor is
forcing on them. Thousands of Malathion victims in Florida and
California have traveled this route before.

Ironically, along with the categorical denials that Malathion was
in any way harmful, the Mayor’s press releases on the spraying
simultaneously noted that Malathion exposure was known to be
dangerous for asthmatics and those with immune disorders. This
at risk population could be conservatively estimated at close to
400,000 in NYC, the majority of whom are poor, Gay, Black or
Latino. According to the Daily News there are more than
135,000 public school children alone suffering from asthma in
NYC. [“The Big Apple has the highest asthma rate in the
country - with 135,000 school children suffering from the
disease”.-Daily News 9/19/99] Eliminating a substantial
percentage of that population would save the City billions of
dollars in medical and social service costs each year. 

The Mayor and his OEM did almost nothing to minimize
people’s exposure, deliberately scheduling much of the spraying
immediately after dusk when the neighborhoods of New York
City are filled with people returning from work, shopping and
picking up their children from day care centers. Every NYPD
vehicle has a loudspeaker and could have been used without any
additional cost to the City to alert people in each neighborhood
immediately before the spraying was started. No such effort was
made. Repeated Malathion exposure is known to create
Malathion sensitivity and to  have a cumulative effect. The more
exposure the more susceptible a person will be to the harmful
effects the next time they are sprayed.

It gets even worse. By massively spraying with Malathion the
Giuliani administration has now guaranteed that pesticide
resistant strains of mosquito will be prevalent next year. If there
is a genuine encephalitis epidemic in 2000, far more toxic
substances than Malathion will be needed to kill the mosquitoes.
Among the most dangerous effects of Malathion exposure is
that it weakens the immune system making those exposed much
more susceptible to getting sick from encephalitis, HIV,
tuberculosis and other deadly virus’. Compared to SLE or the
much milder West Nile-like Virus’ strain of encephalitis (which
the Giuliani administration admits is both extremely hard to
contract and rarely fatal) the diseases that a suppressed immune
system opens one to are far more dangerous and deadly.

On Wednesday, 9/29/99 the CDC announced that it would be
conducting blood tests in the Queens neighborhoods where the
virus was first reported. They claim to be interested in finding
evidence of exposure to West Nile-like Virus. If this was in fact
a bio-warfare or Eugenics experiment, the next logical step after
spraying would be to conduct random blood tests and enlist
exposed people for long term followup and statistical analysis.
After the blood sampling announcement the media immediately
rushed to Queens to find residents enthusiastic about becoming
part of this experiment and to feature them on TV. Like good
Germans ready to serve their Fuhrer, many said they were
anxious to give their blood in order to help this noble cause.

Are you skeptical that a Federal public health agency like the
CDC would engage in experiments harmful to human health?
The CDC used to be called the U.S. Public Health Service,
noted for the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
Hundreds of African American males were led to believe they’d
been successfully treated for syphilis. In reality, they were given
placebos and carefully observed for decades in order to study
the long term effects of untreated syphilis. Last year in a
televised ceremony President Clinton publicly apologized to the
few remaining survivors of the experiment. 

The CDC is infamous both in the third world and in some inner
city ghettos in the U.S. for conducting experiments on very
young children, injecting them with huge doses of experimental
vaccines that would normally be illegal under U.S. law. Many
experts believe the AIDs epidemic was deliberately started by a
series of vaccines administered as part of a public health
initiative by the CDC. 

One has to wonder exactly what Federal agencies had in mind
by locating a bio-warfare lab on Plum Island right off the coast
of New York. Could it be that this international crossroads
provides a sample population of large numbers of test subjects
representing every race and ethnicity, the perfect location for
experimental distribution of a virus, pesticide testing on humans
or other eugenic inspired enterprises? 

In the 1960’s the Federal government conducted biological
warfare experiments in the NYC subway system by throwing
lightbulbs filled with a relatively harmless virus onto subway
tracks. They were experimenting with this technique in order to
test its effectiveness in rapidly infecting an entire urban
population with disease. The CDC’s expert, Dr. Nasci, who has
been advising Mayor Giuliani throughout this “epidemic”
admitted on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer that the NYC area
is presently the only location in the U.S. with this disease.

Giuliani’s decision to spray may well have unleashed the
greatest health catastrophe in American history. The only way
Giuliani is going to come out of this on top is if martial law is
declared, and guess what? That just happens to the the exact
contingency plan both the Federal and City government have in
mind for implementation sometime during the next three
months. Sound crazy, you say? According to numerous sources,
including an ex FBI agent who recently appeared on the
syndicated PBS series Tony Brown’s Journal, Federal, State
and local authorities are preparing for mass civil unrest as we
move into Y2K when power failures, empty food stores, a
failure of the water and gas lines, currency runs on banks and
general panic are expected to sweep much of the world. Among
their plans is to round up and detain all known political activists.

As the reality of what has been perpetrated on the people of
New York City during this public health exercise gradually
emerges from the gaseous clouds of government and media
disinformation, investigations will be inevitable. The NY State
Attorney General’s office is already looking into the possibility
of a lawsuit based on the fact that the Mayor violated Federal
law by claiming that Malathion was safe and by allowing it to be
sprayed on or near bodies of water. Federal law specifically
states that it is illegal to claim that any pesticide is safe.

When the general public realizes it may have been subjected to a
bio-warfare and/or Eugenics experiment, the Mayor will
become the most despised person in this City. Perhaps he will
end his days like Hitler, huddling with his top aides in the gas,
bullet and bomb proof bunker he constructed for just such a
development. Or perhaps, wearing his Marilyn Monroe disguise,
he can slip out of the City and take a flight from JFK to
Paraguay, where Mengele himself is thought to have relocated
after the war. What a team they’d be, The Angel of Death and
the Malathion Madman together at last.

Robert Lederman 10/1/99

Robert Lederman is an artist, a regular columnist for both the
Grenwich Village Gazette [See: ] and
Street News, and is the author of hundreds of essays and letters
concerning Mayor Rudolph Giuliani which have been published
in (to name only a few) the NY Times, NY Post, Daily News,
Newsday, Brooklyn Bridge, Park Slope Courier, Sandbox,
Penthouse, Our Town, NY Press and which are availiable on
hundreds of websites around the world. Lederman has been
falsely arrested 39 times to date for his anti-Giuliani activites
and has never been convicted of any of the charges. He is best
known for creating hundreds of paintings of Mayor Giuliani as a
Hitler like dictator.

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
ARTISTpres at  (718) 369-2111 

Recent articles on the Plum Island Biological warfare/Animal
disease lab
NY Times 9/22/99 U.S. Would Use Long Island Lab to Study
Food Terrorism
NY Times 9/23/99 Residents Near Lab Taking Germ Plan
Daily News 9/21/99 L.I.'s Nearby Plum Island Eyed for Deadly
Newsday 9/23/99 Plum Island Upgrade Debated / Worries
about lab for animal diseases
Newsday 9/24/99 Editorial/ Bioterrorismism /A real threat.
Using Plum I. labs to develop vaccines against it would make
Earlier articles on Plum Island:
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Lab Focus Was On 4 Animal Diseases
When the military officially closed Ft. Terry in 1954, Army
officers turned over to Plum Island scientists 134 strains of 13
viruses collected from four continents, most obtained for
development as biological warfare weapons, Army Chemical
Corps rec... Author: John McDonald; Size: 8K; 11-21-1993;
Page Number: 60; Section: Newspapers & Newswires

"Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they
want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority.
Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to
cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what
you do." Mayor Giuliani, New York Times, March 17, 1994

"I ask you not to create any undue or unnecessary alarm or
panic," Giuliani said at a City Hall news conference on Thursday
morning. "There's no point in not spraying, because there's no
harm in spraying. So even if we're overdoing it, there's no risk
to anyone in overdoing it...The more dead mosquitoes," he
added, "the better. I don't think the media should try to push
this out of proportion”. NY Times 9/10/99

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