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SLUDGE-STOCK! Electronic Seminar on Wastewater Options for Urban Agriculture (fwd)

rosaphil rugosa at interport.net
Thu Oct 7 18:50:53 EST 1999


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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 16:42:18 -0400

>From the CYBERPARK mailing list:
>>The Integrated Bio-Systems Network and the Institute of Advanced Studies of
>>the United Nations University (Tokyo) cordially invites you to join an
>>electronic Seminar via Internet.
>>TITLE: Community-Based Technologies for Domestic Wastewater
>>          Treatment and Reuse: options for urban agriculture
>>DATE: 4-29 Oct. 1999
>>PRESENTED BY: Mr. Gregory Rose, School of Planning, University
>> of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. http://www.fes.uwaterloo.ca/u/gdrose/
>>SPONSOR: Institute of Advanced Studies, United Nations University, Tokyo
>>REGISTRATION: free of charge
>>(a) send an email to listserv at segate.sunet.se
>>and use the subscription command:
>>SUB ET-W2 yourfirstname yourlastname, organization
>>e.g. SUB ET-W2 Gregory Rose, U of Waterloo
>>(b) register via http://segate.sunet.se/archives/et-w2.html
>>The discussion paper for the seminar is available at
>>http://www.fes.uwaterloo.ca/u/gdrose/uetext.htm . If you dont have web
>>access, you can request for a hardcopy of "CFP Report 27" (free of charge)
>>from Jeff Pelletier <jpelletier at idrc.ca> or Brenda Lee Wilson
>><blwilson at idrc.ca> at IDRC (note: please give 3-4 weeks for processing and
>>airmail delivery).
>>The seminar is based on the IDRC report which comprises a literature review
>>related to alternative options for managing human waste or "bio-waste" in
>>the urban context. The aim of the report is to review recent developments
>>in naturally-based wastewater TREATMENT, RECOVERY and REUSE options and to
>>explore how alternative interventions could potentially contribute to the:
>>i) provision of sanitation; ii) conservation/protection of fresh water
>>resources; iii) improvement of soil integrity; and, iv) production of
>>value-added products through linkages with URBAN AGRICULTURE.  Overall, the
>>report suggests that alternatives exist to highly capitalised and
>>centralised biowaste treatment systems that are dependent on water-borne
>>conveyance and electromechanical inputs for operation and maintenance.
>>The report explores the concept of managing urban wastewater flows at zero
>>and intermediate distances, based on urban micro-watersheds, and reviews
>>several technological interventions that may act as key components of
>>integrated bio-systems (IBS).  The report is divided into two major
>>sections.  SECTION A is comprised of the problem background and reviews
>>central themes associated with the management of bio-waste in an urban,
>>developing world context.  This section also suggests that zero-discharge
>>systems are requisite to decreasing the environmental externals that accrue
>>from community to city to ecosystem to biosphere when linear discharge
>>options are favoured.  SECTION B reviews selected treatment and recovery
>>technologies that I have identified as noteworthy and potentially
>>appropriate for treating and recovering bio-waste and facilitating its
>>reuse at the local-level.
>>Mr. Gregory Rose (http://www.fes.uwaterloo.ca/u/gdrose/) is a Ph D student
>>at the University of Waterloo in the Faculty of Environmental Studies
>>(School of Planning).  He has a MSc degree from Tulane University (School
>>of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans). His current Ph D
>>research relates to "regenerative waste management" and concerns the
>>selection and implementation of effective low-input technologies that can
>>effectively promote the reuse of organic waste. In 1998-1999 he was the
>>recipient of an IDRC (International Development Research Centre, Ottawa)
>>"Centre Internship  Award" with the Cities Feeding People Programme
>>Initiative which enabled him to travel Asia and the Middle East and
>>resulting in the report at http://www.idrc.ca/cfp/rep27_e.html.
>>++++++Additional Notices
>>if you wish to present an electronic seminar, please contact Mr. Jacky Foo
>>- IBSnet Coordinator <foo at swipnet.se>. An electronic seminar normally lasts
>>for 3-4 weeks. It is conducted as an Internet discussion over this mailing
>>list (ET-W2 at SEGATE.SUNET.SE http://segate.sunet.se/archives/et-w2.html)
>>using a scientific paper or article or report (not published or published).
>>The topic for the seminar should be related to integrated bio-systems that
>>involve waste treatment and utilisation and its bio-conversion into
>>value-added products. Please email/airmail a copy of the background
>>material to the IBSnet Coordinator for a preliminary review.
>>March-October, 2000: Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis of
>>Integrated Bio-Systems. http://www.ias.unu.edu/proceedings/icibs/ic-mfa
>>The IBSnet is sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies of the United
>>Nations University, Tokyo. (http://www.ias.unu.edu)

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