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Plum Island Leak? Say Goodbye To Rudy Giuliani (fwd)

Miky xtey92a at mail.privacyx.com
Thu Oct 7 21:08:05 EST 1999

I doubt it, I suspect an infected bird was brought to the Bronx Zoo. Since
the city owns the zoo, they are partly to blame.


rosaphil wrote:

> something leaked. more to come.
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> Say Goodbye To Rudy Giuliani
> Could Mayor Giuliani, who recently called anti-pesticide
> activists “environmental terrorists” actually be one of the
> world’s biggest environmental terrorists? Could what has been
> depicted as a courageous response to a genuine public health
> emergency turn out to be the most shocking eugenics
> experiment in human history? Could the man who was poised to
> become the next U.S. Senator from NY or U.S. Attorney
> General under President George W. Bush end up as a criminal
> defendant in a massive government scandal? If you don’t buy
> the feel-good propaganda about victory over encephalitis being
> peddled by the Giuliani administration the answer to all three of
> the above questions is a very big yes.
> It seems that Mayor Giuliani’s Malathion Marathon might
> actually result in one beneficial result after all...the elimination
> of our #1 toxic pest, art censor and quality of life violator from
> public office. Community boards, public interest groups and a
> rapidly growing number of anti-spray activists are condemning
> the Giuliani administration and the Mayor personally for his
> handling of the so-called crisis.
> Based on the most recent lab reports it turns out there was no
> Saint Louis Encephalitis epidemic in New York City after all.
> The experts in the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management
> (OEM) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) say they
> misdiagnosed the illness. Now they claim the culprit is a
> different and much less dangerous disease, the so-called West
> Nile-like Virus, which they also claim has never before appeared
> in North America.
> They’ve also been forced to admit that it may not even be
> mosquitoes that are the source of the virus but ticks which are
> immune to Malathion. In other words, the daily aerial spraying
> of Malathion, a toxic organophosphate nerve gas, on eight
> million New Yorkers may have done nothing whatsoever to
> prevent encephalitis.
> A 9/29/99 article in Newsday, “Area Labs Have Long Studied
> Virus/Yale, Rockefeller began tests in '50s” while making no
> direct connection to the current crisis, points out that it’s not
> completely true that West Nile Virus has never before appeared
> in North America. According to the article, for some
> unexplianed reason Rockefeller University in Manhattan has
> been conducting experiments with West Nile Virus for years.
> The Rockefeller family has been directly linked for much of the
> past century with Eugenics, the pseudo-science of eliminating
> what its advocates consider undesirable or inferior members of
> the human species. Blacks, Latinos, and those suffering from
> physical and mental diseases, as well as criminals and those
> “unwilling to  work” are among Eugenics’ key targets for
> elimination. Adolf Hitler got most of his ideas about purifying
> the Aryan race from American and British Eugenicists. Among
> hundreds of Rockefeller funded institutes and projects in the
> U.S., England and Germany that have been involved in
> promoting Eugenics, was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for
> Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity in Berlin. The
> head of that institute, Dr. Otmar Verschuer, was Josef
> Mengele’s patron, teacher and co-researcher. Another
> Rockefeller sponsored doctor and researcher, Dr. Franz
> Kallmann, helped save Verschuer after WWII by testifying
> favorably about his value to science during the U.S. government
> denazification hearings. Dr. Kallmann later created the
> American Society of Human Genetics, which organized the
> "Human Genome Project". [See:
> http://www.livelinks.com/sumeria/politics/eugenics.html]
> [Also see: Nazi Germany, Klaus P. Fischer pg. 515]
> The Rockefellers and Prescott Bush, the grandfather of
> Presidential candidate George W. Bush, gave Hitler a great deal
> of financial support right up until the U.S. entered WWII. In
> 1942, after a congressional investigation led by then Senator
> Harry Truman, the Federal government froze the assets of some
> of Bush’s banks to prevent him from further helping the Nazis.
> It’s worth noting that conservative commentator and
> Presidential candidate Pat Buchannan’s recent statements that
> the U.S. shouldn’t have fought Hitler represents a view that was
> widely prevalent in the U.S. before 1942 and that was promoted
> by the Fords, the Rockefellers and other Eugenics inspired
> industrial dynasties at that time.
> Thousands of Hitler’s top scientists, medical researchers and
> intelligence experts were brought to the U.S. after WWII where
> they were incorporated into civilian and military based medical,
> psychological and industrial research efforts. Many also became
> CIA employees. According to a 1994 Report by the U.S.
> Congress titled Examining Biological Experimentation on U.S.
> Military [[See: http://www.cco.net/~trufax/trans/roc1.html]
> “During the last 50 years, hundreds of thousands of military
> personnel have been involved in human experimentation and
> other intentional exposures conducted by the Department of
> Defense (DOD), often without a servicemember's knowledge or
> consent. In some cases, soldiers who consented to serve as
> human subjects found themselves participating in experiments
> quite different from those described at the time they
> volunteered...The U.S. General Accounting Office issued a
> report on September 28, 1994, which stated that between 1940
> and 1974, DOD and other national security agencies studied
> hundreds of thousands of human subjects in tests and
> experiments involving hazardous substances. (Note 65) GAO
> stated that some tests and experiments were conducted in
> secret. Medical research involving the testing of nerve agents,
> nerve agent antidotes, psychochemicals, and irritants was often
> classified. Additionally, some work conducted for DOD by
> contractors still remains classified today”
> The Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company was closely associated
> with Germany’s I.G. Farben Chemical cartel before, during and
> after WWII. I.G. Farben was the manufacturer of Zyklon-B, the
> nerve gas used to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust. In
> 1940-41, I.G. Farben built a gigantic factory at Auschwitz in
> Poland, in order to use Standard Oil/I.G. Farben patents and
> concentration camp slave labor to produce gasoline from coal.
> Standard-Germany president Emil Helfferich testified after the
> war that Standard Oil funds helped pay for SS guards at
> Auschwitz.
> [See: http://www.livelinks.com/sumeria/politics/eugenics.html]
> Through various pseudo-scientific research groups and policy
> think tanks proponents of the eugenics agenda continue to
> promote the idea of controlling human population through
> vaccines, sterilization programs, drugs, euthanasia, public
> education and so-called public health initiatives. The Center For
> Disease control (CDC) is a major proponent of these ideas in
> the U.S. and conducts extremely controversial experiments on
> unsuspecting populations in both the U.S. and third world
> nations.
> Among New York City’s proponents of such ideas is the
> Manhattan Institute, which was founded in 1978 by William
> Casey, who later became President Reagan's CIA director. The
> Institute is where one-time Federal prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani
> proudly claims to have gotten the inspiration for many of his
> most controversial social policy ideas.
> A 5/12/97 NY Times feature on the Manhattan Institute titled,
> “Turning Intellect Into Influence; the Manhattan Institute Has
> Nudged New York Rightward”, states, “The Manhattan
> Institute was an early proponent of shrinking city government; it
> enabled Charles Murray to publish the 1984 book that many
> people believe begat welfare reform, and it promoted theories
> about crime and public disorder that later underlay the work of
> the former Police Commissioner, William J. Bratton. It took up
> the question of the quality of life in New York City in 1990,
> well before Mr. Giuliani made that a cornerstone of his
> successful election campaign in 1993.  The institute has savaged
> open admissions al the City University of New York, pushed
> hospital privatization and aggressively promoted school choice.
> Now, its critique of rent control is helping to inform State
> Senator Joseph L. Bruno's move to phase out rent regulations,
> and its proposal for charter schools is circulating through
> legislative offices in Albany...Mr. Giuliani and his campaign staff
> began meeting with institute members in 1992, and since that
> time have absorbed many of its ideas, particularly on such issues
> as the city's tax structure, economic development, education
> policy, policing and quality of life.”
> “The Manhattan Institute clearly has become the force, and
> there is no progressive force to counter it. There isn't even a
> debate...The mayor has a very close working relationship with
> the Manhattan Institute," Giuliani's communications director,
> Crystine Lategano, said.” -Boston Sunday Globe, 2/22/98
> Could this phony mosquito epidemic all be part of an elaborate
> Eugenics experiment rather than simply being a heavy-handed
> response to an outbreak of disease? Depending on how willing
> one is to entertain the notion that the government may not
> exactly be our best friend, a lot of people are beginning to
> question the placement of a Federal bio-warfare/animal virus lab
> on Plum Island, right off the coast of Long Island NY. During
> the 1930’s Plum Island was alleged to be a key site for Eugenics
> experiments. The lab is also is suspected by some writers and
> researchers as being the original source for the AIDs epidemic.
> A 9/22/99 NY Times article, “ U.S. Would Use Long Island
> Lab to Study Food Terrorism” describes the Federal
> government’s intention to upgrade the facilities’ security
> clearance to the highest level, allowing it to experiment with the
> most virulent strains of deadly human and animal virus’.
> It only gets worse. Despite the Mayor’s daily assurances that
> Malathion was and is completely safe thousands of people
> throughout the City are now complaining of rashes, eye
> irritations, nervousness, breathing difficulties, dizziness and
> weakness all of which are known to be immediate short term
> symptoms of Malathion poisoning. City hospital emergency
> room doctors have privately admitted to anti-pesticide activists
> a sudden increase in pesticide related complaints but claim they
> cannot go public with this because the Mayor would cut their
> funding, a now all to familiar refrain in New York City.
> People who call the Mayor’s Malathion hotline and manage to
> get through to a doctor are assured that their symptoms are
> nothing to worry about because, “Malathion is completely
> harmless and safe.” Because the spraying schedule was often
> incorrect or unavailable to the public, tens of thousands of
> people were directly sprayed while on the street, in parks or in
> their homes with the windows open. Additionally, the Mayor’s
> assurances that the chemicals being sprayed were totally
> harmless caused most people to take few if any precautions
> even if they were aware of the schedule. Might that have been
> exactly the result the spraying was intended to produce?
> The CDC, the Department of Environmental Protection and the
> OEM all admit they’ve done no testing for Malathion residue in
> the air, in bodies of water, in people’s blood or on land to
> determine the levels of residue and contamination. So far they
> also have no comment when confronted by the fact that it is a
> violation of Federal law to spray Malathion anywhere near
> bodies of water, a fact included in every Malathion
> manufacturers application instructions. Thousands of fish and
> birds and an uncountable number of environmentally necessary
> insects such as bees are already dead as a result of the spraying.
> At this point no one can even begin to estimate the devastating
> effect on the City’s human, plant and animal life.
> These are just the immediately visible results. In humans,
> Malathion exposure is known to damage DNA even at very low
> doses, to case birth defects and tumors, to damage the kidneys
> and is suspected in numerous other physical and mental
> disorders. By next year at this time we will have seen the first
> locally born Malathion damaged children and the first incidents
> of serious diseases caused by Malathion exposure. Do you think
> NYC’s lead-tainted children are doing badly in school now?
> Wait until their Malathion damaged nervous systems are
> confronted with the higher academic standards the Mayor is
> forcing on them. Thousands of Malathion victims in Florida and
> California have traveled this route before.
> Ironically, along with the categorical denials that Malathion was
> in any way harmful, the Mayor’s press releases on the spraying
> simultaneously noted that Malathion exposure was known to be
> dangerous for asthmatics and those with immune disorders. This
> at risk population could be conservatively estimated at close to
> 400,000 in NYC, the majority of whom are poor, Gay, Black or
> Latino. According to the Daily News there are more than
> 135,000 public school children alone suffering from asthma in
> NYC. [“The Big Apple has the highest asthma rate in the
> country - with 135,000 school children suffering from the
> disease”.-Daily News 9/19/99] Eliminating a substantial
> percentage of that population would save the City billions of
> dollars in medical and social service costs each year.
> The Mayor and his OEM did almost nothing to minimize
> people’s exposure, deliberately scheduling much of the spraying
> immediately after dusk when the neighborhoods of New York
> City are filled with people returning from work, shopping and
> picking up their children from day care centers. Every NYPD
> vehicle has a loudspeaker and could have been used without any
> additional cost to the City to alert people in each neighborhood
> immediately before the spraying was started. No such effort was
> made. Repeated Malathion exposure is known to create
> Malathion sensitivity and to  have a cumulative effect. The more
> exposure the more susceptible a person will be to the harmful
> effects the next time they are sprayed.
> It gets even worse. By massively spraying with Malathion the
> Giuliani administration has now guaranteed that pesticide
> resistant strains of mosquito will be prevalent next year. If there
> is a genuine encephalitis epidemic in 2000, far more toxic
> substances than Malathion will be needed to kill the mosquitoes.
> Among the most dangerous effects of Malathion exposure is
> that it weakens the immune system making those exposed much
> more susceptible to getting sick from encephalitis, HIV,
> tuberculosis and other deadly virus’. Compared to SLE or the
> much milder West Nile-like Virus’ strain of encephalitis (which
> the Giuliani administration admits is both extremely hard to
> contract and rarely fatal) the diseases that a suppressed immune
> system opens one to are far more dangerous and deadly.
> On Wednesday, 9/29/99 the CDC announced that it would be
> conducting blood tests in the Queens neighborhoods where the
> virus was first reported. They claim to be interested in finding
> evidence of exposure to West Nile-like Virus. If this was in fact
> a bio-warfare or Eugenics experiment, the next logical step after
> spraying would be to conduct random blood tests and enlist
> exposed people for long term followup and statistical analysis.
> After the blood sampling announcement the media immediately
> rushed to Queens to find residents enthusiastic about becoming
> part of this experiment and to feature them on TV. Like good
> Germans ready to serve their Fuhrer, many said they were
> anxious to give their blood in order to help this noble cause.
> Are you skeptical that a Federal public health agency like the
> CDC would engage in experiments harmful to human health?
> The CDC used to be called the U.S. Public Health Service,
> noted for the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
> Hundreds of African American males were led to believe they’d
> been successfully treated for syphilis. In reality, they were given
> placebos and carefully observed for decades in order to study
> the long term effects of untreated syphilis. Last year in a
> televised ceremony President Clinton publicly apologized to the
> few remaining survivors of the experiment.
> The CDC is infamous both in the third world and in some inner
> city ghettos in the U.S. for conducting experiments on very
> young children, injecting them with huge doses of experimental
> vaccines that would normally be illegal under U.S. law. Many
> experts believe the AIDs epidemic was deliberately started by a
> series of vaccines administered as part of a public health
> initiative by the CDC.
> One has to wonder exactly what Federal agencies had in mind
> by locating a bio-warfare lab on Plum Island right off the coast
> of New York. Could it be that this international crossroads
> provides a sample population of large numbers of test subjects
> representing every race and ethnicity, the perfect location for
> experimental distribution of a virus, pesticide testing on humans
> or other eugenic inspired enterprises?
> In the 1960’s the Federal government conducted biological
> warfare experiments in the NYC subway system by throwing
> lightbulbs filled with a relatively harmless virus onto subway
> tracks. They were experimenting with this technique in order to
> test its effectiveness in rapidly infecting an entire urban
> population with disease. The CDC’s expert, Dr. Nasci, who has
> been advising Mayor Giuliani throughout this “epidemic”
> admitted on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer that the NYC area
> is presently the only location in the U.S. with this disease.
> Giuliani’s decision to spray may well have unleashed the
> greatest health catastrophe in American history. The only way
> Giuliani is going to come out of this on top is if martial law is
> declared, and guess what? That just happens to the the exact
> contingency plan both the Federal and City government have in
> mind for implementation sometime during the next three
> months. Sound crazy, you say? According to numerous sources,
> including an ex FBI agent who recently appeared on the
> syndicated PBS series Tony Brown’s Journal, Federal, State
> and local authorities are preparing for mass civil unrest as we
> move into Y2K when power failures, empty food stores, a
> failure of the water and gas lines, currency runs on banks and
> general panic are expected to sweep much of the world. Among
> their plans is to round up and detain all known political activists.
> As the reality of what has been perpetrated on the people of
> New York City during this public health exercise gradually
> emerges from the gaseous clouds of government and media
> disinformation, investigations will be inevitable. The NY State
> Attorney General’s office is already looking into the possibility
> of a lawsuit based on the fact that the Mayor violated Federal
> law by claiming that Malathion was safe and by allowing it to be
> sprayed on or near bodies of water. Federal law specifically
> states that it is illegal to claim that any pesticide is safe.
> When the general public realizes it may have been subjected to a
> bio-warfare and/or Eugenics experiment, the Mayor will
> become the most despised person in this City. Perhaps he will
> end his days like Hitler, huddling with his top aides in the gas,
> bullet and bomb proof bunker he constructed for just such a
> development. Or perhaps, wearing his Marilyn Monroe disguise,
> he can slip out of the City and take a flight from JFK to
> Paraguay, where Mengele himself is thought to have relocated
> after the war. What a team they’d be, The Angel of Death and
> the Malathion Madman together at last.
> Robert Lederman 10/1/99
> Robert Lederman is an artist, a regular columnist for both the
> Grenwich Village Gazette [See: http://www.gvny.com/ ] and
> Street News, and is the author of hundreds of essays and letters
> concerning Mayor Rudolph Giuliani which have been published
> in (to name only a few) the NY Times, NY Post, Daily News,
> Newsday, Brooklyn Bridge, Park Slope Courier, Sandbox,
> Penthouse, Our Town, NY Press and which are availiable on
> hundreds of websites around the world. Lederman has been
> falsely arrested 39 times to date for his anti-Giuliani activites
> and has never been convicted of any of the charges. He is best
> known for creating hundreds of paintings of Mayor Giuliani as a
> Hitler like dictator.
> Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
> (Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
> ARTISTpres at aol.com  (718) 369-2111
> http://www.openair.org/alerts/artist/nyc.html
> Recent articles on the Plum Island Biological warfare/Animal
> disease lab
> NY Times 9/22/99 U.S. Would Use Long Island Lab to Study
> Food Terrorism
> NY Times 9/23/99 Residents Near Lab Taking Germ Plan
> Matter-of-Factly
> Daily News 9/21/99 L.I.'s Nearby Plum Island Eyed for Deadly
> Testing
> Newsday 9/23/99 Plum Island Upgrade Debated / Worries
> about lab for animal diseases
> Newsday 9/24/99 Editorial/ Bioterrorismism /A real threat.
> Using Plum I. labs to develop vaccines against it would make
> sense.
> Earlier articles on Plum Island:
> Newsday Lab Focus Was On 4 Animal Diseases 11-21-1993
> Danger Is Their Business At Plum Island
> http://www.lihistory.com/specdisc/displum.htm
> NEWSDAY Plum Island Safety Check 04-07-1994
> NEWSDAY Security on Plum Island Must Be Taken Seriously
> 1/4/93
> NEWSDAY Plum Island Cited By EPA 3/12/93
> NEWSDAY Plum Island Bird Kill Probed 7/2/93
> NEWSDAY Plum Is The Word In Russian 3/3/94
> NEWSDAY Vacco Suit: Plum Isle Polluting 5/3/98
> Lab Focus Was On 4 Animal Diseases
> When the military officially closed Ft. Terry in 1954, Army
> officers turned over to Plum Island scientists 134 strains of 13
> viruses collected from four continents, most obtained for
> development as biological warfare weapons, Army Chemical
> Corps rec... Author: John McDonald; Size: 8K; 11-21-1993;
> Page Number: 60; Section: Newspapers & Newswires
> "Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they
> want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority.
> Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to
> cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what
> you do." Mayor Giuliani, New York Times, March 17, 1994
> "I ask you not to create any undue or unnecessary alarm or
> panic," Giuliani said at a City Hall news conference on Thursday
> morning. "There's no point in not spraying, because there's no
> harm in spraying. So even if we're overdoing it, there's no risk
> to anyone in overdoing it...The more dead mosquitoes," he
> added, "the better. I don't think the media should try to push
> this out of proportion”. NY Times 9/10/99
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