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{{subject}}:group play lottery
Are you in an office pool for football, basketball, or other event?


Share the cost of tickets, share the wins?

It's a great idea only IF the jackpot is HUGE,IF the payoff is LUMP-SUM (long-term 
annuities are 
no good for pools where winnings are shared) and IF the jackpot payout is TAX-
FREE.  Most 
American lotteries DO NOT QUALIFY FOR GROUP PLAY...

But the best foreign ones DO !!!

It's logical: The more entries, the better the chance of winning.  We at Winshare 
International are 
forming a BIG THANKSGIVING GROUP of 100 players.  84 permutated numbers will 
be entered 
in 8 draws for a total of 672 chances.  The draws will take place on Nov 24th and Nov 
The games are all lotto 6/49. The biggest jackpot games in both Canada and France 
where the 
jackpots are always huge and where the pay off is in LUMP SUM, TAX-FREE CASH - 
Easy to 
divide between all participants.

Want to participate?
Your cost is only US$20 - about less than 3 cents per chance!
The internet makes it possible to turn a small risk into a potential large gain.
Your share of a $10 million win would be $100,000 cash !
Limited to 100 shares per group.  Order one to 5 shares.

Here's three easy ways to participate:

Payment by Visa Card telephone order:  call: 905-542-7183

Order by fax:  905-821-3440 – Visa card order only.
e-mail Address: _________________________
Mailing address: ___________________________
City:_______________ Zip/postcode:______
Country ____________
Tel No. ________________  Fax No: ___________

Visa No: __________________________ Expiry Date:__________
Name on Card: _____________________________________

Or fill out form and mail with check or money order to:
Winshare International
PO Box 42111
Mississauga,ON L5M-4Z4

You may also call us at 905-542-7183 if you have any questions.
We will be happy to discuss with you the many advantages of international lotteries. 
We have 
been lottery agents for over 20 years. If you would like to choose your own numbers 
call us and 
let us know.

You will receive e-mail acknowledgement of your participation and numbers from 
International, lottery agents since 1979.  Participants in this group will be given FREE 
MEMBERSHIP in an international lottery club and invited to participate in our giant 
jackpot groups and personal games.

Winshare International acts exclusively for its clients, NOT as an agent of government 
All prices quoted in US funds. Offer void where prohibited. Subject to conditions on 
certificate whether sent by mail or fax. Winshare may make any corrections to orders. 
In the event 
of dispute liability is limited to refund.
This message is sent in compliance of the new e-mail bill: SECTION 301. per section 
paragraph (a) (2) (c) of s. 1618, and all known state regulations. Further transmission to 
you by the 
sender of this email maybe stopped at no cost to you; email to 
"nomomail at" with 
"REMOVE" in the subject line. We do not read or respond to the incoming mail at 
either email 

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