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> The following are excerpts from a emailing from Norm Matloff's mailing
> list. I have looked at the extensive analysis written by Eric
Wienstein at
> the URL below and it is compelling. I have downloaded for my own use a
> copy of the 23 pages at that URL, including several figures, and many
> references.
> Art Sowers
> ******* quoted material below *******
>    Amazingly, policy makers in another federal agency, the National
>    Science Foundation (NSF), actually planned to bring in foreign
>    nationals to produce a glut of labor in science and engineering, at
>    least at the postgraduate degree level. In early 1998, Dr. Eric
>    Weinstein, a mathematician at the Massachusetts Institute of
>    Technology, uncovered internal NSF documents which expressed
>    that science and engineering salaries were getting too high, and
>    proposed as a solution to this ``problem'' bringing in a glut of
>    foreign labor. It is amazing that a federal agency would actually
>    plot to keep U.S. citizens' salaries down. Subsequent to the
>    of these documents, the NSF pushed Congress to establish the
>    H-1B program, in much expanded form compared to the old H-1
>    Dr. Weinstein's paper on this scandal is available at
> **** end of quoted material *********
That is a very informative article and should be read by anyone that is
wondering what is happening to their science and technology careers.

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