Plants leaning toward the sun

Jay and Nancy Mone jaymone at PAONLINE.COM
Sat Sep 4 07:07:49 EST 1999

I think you are probably correct in that when plants are grown in bright 
light, phototropism is less pronounced.  But it is still the major 
determinant for many plants vis a vis their direction of growth.  If you 
go to a bright, sunny hillside and observe the trees, they all grow 
straight up, where the overall light intensity is greatest, rather than 
growing at 90 degree angles from the surface.

Plants grown in low light, however, don't "grow more" as you assert.  
Rather, they grow lanky, producing less leaves, and more stalk, in an 
effort to find brighter light.  That's why a lot of houseplants that are 
lush and full in the greenhouse turn into salad after a couple of months 
in your living room.

Jay Mone'

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