Become a reviewer for iNet Reviews and receive books, software, products you can keep for free!

abbyjenkins at BIGFOOT.COM abbyjenkins at BIGFOOT.COM
Sun Sep 5 06:22:47 EST 1999

Receive thousands of dollars of products as a reviewer for iNet 

iNet Reviews needs reviewers to review books (fiction and 
non-fiction), softare (pc,mac & unix), consumer products under 
$200, audio books on CD or cassette, upscale restaurants & 
resorts and movies at your local theaters.

You can request any book or product to review. The products are 
shipped directly to you from the publisher or manufacturer at no 
charge. You keep all products after you post your review to our 
review web site.

For more information go to our web site and you will also see a sample of 
our daily news brief which is an html newsletter briefing you on 
all of the news of the day with clickable links.

At this web site you will see the complete information on how to 
become a reviewer and a 70 page list of people who are our 
reviews and what they have receivecd.


To receive your free daily subscription of our iNet daily news 
Internet news brief, reply to this email message with the word 
SUBCRIBE in the messge subject line.


In accordance with email laws we provide you with an easy method 
of removing your email address from our database. Please reply to 
this message with the word REMOVE in the subject line. Remember, 
the word REMOVE has to be in the reply message subject line for 
our mailing list management software to remove your email message 
from our database.

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