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mcelwaine at wrote:
>                              BIOLOGICAL ALCHEMY !
>                          ANOTHER Form of COLD FUSION !
>                  ALTERNATIVE Heavy Element Creation in Universe !
>                A very simple experiment can demonstrate (PROVE) the
>           FACT of " BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS " (reactions like Mg + O
>           --> Ca, Si + C --> Ca, K + H --> Ca, N2 --> CO, etc.), as
>           described in the BOOK " Biological Transmutations " by Louis
>           Kervran, [1972 Edition is BEST.], and in Chapter 17 of the
>           book "THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS " by Peter Tompkins and
>           Christopher Bird, 1973:


IDIOT ALERT!  Spamming neuroturd redux.  IDIOT ALERT!

It's one thing to find an idiot who cannot add angular momenta.  You
are the commonplace idiot who cannot do arithmetic.  Add nuclear mass
deficits for your "alchemy" and arrive at the painfully obvious

Uncle Al Schwartz
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