David Lloyd-Jones icomm5 at
Thu Sep 9 12:35:37 EST 1999

Steven B. Harris <sbharris at> wrote > >
> >The sprouted seeds are ingesting CO2 from the atmosphere, you silly
> bunny.
> >dlj.
> All of which should be burned off if you ash correctly.  However, I
> don't for a minute believe that what the man says is true.  Sprout or
> not, the mineral ash weighs the same.


Even if the CO2 and H2O went to utter zero, and even if there were zero
nitrates, the stupid sprouts ought to be taking in hefty chunks of photons.
'Course a thorough burn is going to destroy any ATP in there as well, ain't

BTW, Steve, I went looking for your good nutrition pages the other day, and
couldn't find them. Have you taken them down?



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