TEM / SEM photos needed

Randall Oelerich randall at mindquest.net
Tue Sep 14 16:32:27 EST 1999

Can anybody spare some (even crappy) throw away TEM or SEM photos of
cells and/or structure? [I can accept either digital images by email, or
you could even mail them to me at: Dr. Oelerich, Lake Superior College,
2101 Trinity Road, Duluth MN 55811.]

I am a community college instructor of 10 years, and I have created
quite an impressive website to help students and teachers with study and
teaching resources (outlines, interactive and non-interactive quizzes
and exams for studying by students or editing and use by teachers,
clip-art, links, science news, msg boards, live chat, etc.). Just my way
of trying to help the state of biology education in the USA. 

My site's address: <http://www.mindquest.net> 

I was able to create quite a few LM photos, and also radiographs, that
are freely available on the site for use in printouts and online
studying on the site. However, I do not have access to electron
microscopes, so of course I can not create my own EM photos. 

If any scientists in webland have any EM photos that could be donated to
my website's cause, it would be greatly appreciated. Even if they are
your throw-aways, low quality is better than no EMs at all. I really
want to keep the images on the site legal, viz of my own creation or of
donated images, in contrast to pirated images which is illegal. I would
be glad to keep donated images in a separate directory, and even put a
credit on the image with your name (in small font along the border of
the image). My site is basically non-profit; there are banner ads, but
they earn me about $30/month, enough to pay for the web hosting costs of
the site so that I keep it up and running (its been up now for 2 years).

So, if anybody can, please email me one or more TEM/SEM photos of cells
and/or cell structure, and I will greatly appreciate it. 


Dr. Randall Oelerich
Lake Superior College
Duluth, Minnesota


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